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Bolt logo – it couldn’t be simpler. However, it may seem so only at first sight because when you return to it again, you can see the atmosphere of great seriousness and deep conceptuality. The logo is a self-promotion of the services provided by the company for carsharing, car rentals, and two-wheelers.

Bolt: Brand overview

Founded:August 2013
Founder:Markus Villig
Tallinn, Estonia
Bolt is a transport and logistics platform from Estonia that offers car sharing, taxi, scooter, bicycle, electric scooter, and car rental services. It also deals with food delivery, existing in two forms: a website and an application for mobile devices. Its branches are located in 45 countries in Latin America, Western Asia, Africa, and Europe, and the number of clients reaches more than 75 million people. The founder of the company is Markus Villig. The year of its appearance is 2013. The location of the headquarters is the city of Tallinn.

Meaning and History

Bolt Logo History

At first, this company was called mTakso, but it was quickly renamed Taxify. It was opened by a 19-year-old student who wanted to unite all local taxi services (mainly in Riga and Tallinn) on one website. The young man borrowed 5,000 euros from his parents and hired a specialist who helped him develop and launch the website. The father and mother also supported the son, contributing to the influx of customers. As a result, the service was actively earned in the summer of 2013, and in 2014 it entered the international level. Its offices appeared in London, Paris, and other European cities.

Actions soon intensified in other areas – both in the service sector and in regional coverage. Subdivisions were opened in Africa. The new organization worked hard, studying the demands of each market. Such activities have brought her tangible results: Bolt entered the top 3 in the FT1000 rankings for 2019 and 2020. In particular, this is a list of the fastest growing companies in Europe, according to the Financial Times.

The platform has about one and a half million drivers, serving about 75 million people. The Bolt service is available in 300 cities worldwide, which is well recognizable by its logo. It is at the same time catchy, practical, and simple. This company has two visual identity marks: old and new.

What is Bolt?

Bolt is an Estonian transport service with its website and mobile app of the same name. It is engaged in the rental of bicycles, scooters, electric scooters, car sharing, food delivery, and car rental. Its branches are present in 300 cities worldwide, including Europe, Africa, Latin America, and Western Asia. The head office is located in Tallinn (Estonia). Markus Villig founded the company in 2013.

2013 – 2019

Taxify Logo 2013

The debut logo consists of two parts: graphics and text. The first is the dialogue bubble, which is located to the right of the caption. A yellow line outlines it. The checkers on the white inner space are painted in the same color – three identical squares arranged in a checkerboard pattern. A muted sunny hue is extremely important for a car rental service, as it is a classic for taxis in any country in the world. The second is the very name of the platform. It is printed in black letters in lower case. The inscription is made in an even and smooth font without serifs.

2019 – today

Bolt Logo

After the rebranding, Bolt has a modern emblem – a symbiosis of modernism and practicality. It is not so innovative as conceptual because the designers have implemented the idea of ​​transport dynamics. The movement conveys the lower element – a wheel with a solid fill of light emerald color. The name, consisting of letters in lower case, is painted in the same shade, except the first, which is kept capital according to the spelling.

The characters in the inscription are massive, bold, and even. They do not have serifs and long bends – the lines are extremely clear, strict, and short. This is evidenced by the absence of the left half of the crossbar “t.” An interesting emphasis is placed on the vertical columns at the “l” and “t,” the tops of which have a diagonal cut.

Font and Colors

Bolt Symbol

The theme of the wheel is used in both logos. In the first, it is transmitted through a taxi (speech bubble); in the second – through a thick dot under the letter “o,” which itself looks like a steering wheel. In the current Bolt logo, the road direction is also represented in the form of letters, as they look like elements of road signs.

The earliest version of the logo uses the Hurme Geometric Sans 4 SemiBold typeface, designed by Hurme Design. In the current version, the name of the service is set in a font that is almost identical to Bw Modelica SS01 Condensed Black from Branding With Type. It’s just that the “o” in the logo is more round, while the “l” and “t” have the tops cut at an angle.

The modern corporate palette includes a pastel shade of green – a muted emerald green. Previously, a combination of black and yellow colors was used, which classically symbolized the taxi service. The change to a different color scheme is due to the expansion of Bolt services.

Bolt color codes

Medium Sea GreenHex color:#2eb565
RGB:46 181 101
CMYK:75 0 44 29
Pantone:PMS 3405 C