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The royal drink represents the Crown Royal logo. Great taste makes whiskey worthy of honors and awards. The emblem hints that alcohol was served to the table of nobles and high-ranking persons who appreciated the brand at its true worth.

Crown Royal: Brand overview

The taste of Crown Royal Scotch Whisky has won many awards. This unique alcoholic beverage is made from grain grown in the Canadian province of Manitoba. It is aged in oak casks in the distillery’s warehouses, which occupies a huge area near Lake Winnipeg. The distiller observes strict standards in order to produce a modern whisky of the same quality as the first batch, which was a gift to the English monarchs.

Meaning and History

Crown Royal Symbol

The emergence of the Crown Royal brand was preceded by amazing events related to the royal tour. As far as is known, King George VI and his wife were the first British royalty to go to Canada. A local businessman appreciated their adventurism and decided to give the monarchs a valuable gift – blended whisky of his own making. He already had experience in making alcoholic drinks, but the businessman wanted to create something unique, and that is why he tried hundreds of blends with different proportions of ingredients. The resulting alcohol was poured into crystal decanters, which filled ten cases.

This recipe became the basis for the Crown Royal whiskey when the fame of the royal drink went so far that the entrepreneur had to launch it into mass production. The first batch came into stores in the 1960s. The product was recognizable by its distinctive logo with the image of a crown on the cushion and by the subtle italic inscription. The design was developed to match the elegant shape of the bottle.

In the 2000s, the trademark was modernized by graphic artist Chris Mitchell, who ran his studio, Epic Icons. He redid the crown, making it more colorful and adding a three-dimensional effect by combining several golds, red, and purple shades. The logo is still in use today to remind Crown Royal’s glorious past.

The main visual symbol of the whisky is the crown on the cushion. These elements reflect the brand’s historical heritage, which was created for the king and queen of Great Britain. They look luxurious to match the high status of royalty. The crown has a gold frame embellished with precious stones. The cushion is not simple either – it is decorated with gold embroidery and tassels.

Chris Mitchell managed to turn an ordinary pictorial icon into a symbol of luxury, using simple graphic tools. He slightly changed the colors and shape of the emblem, giving it a truly royal look.

Crown Royal: Interesting Facts

Crown Royal is a prestigious whisky brand known for its rich heritage and quality.

  1. Royal Origins: The Crown Royal was created in 1939 as a royal gift for King George VI and Queen Elizabeth during their visit to Canada. It aims to showcase Canada’s top whisky craftsmanship.
  2. Luxury Packaging: Each bottle is wrapped in a unique velvet bag with gold stitching, a nod to the brand’s royal beginnings and luxury appeal.
  3. Production in Gimli: The main distillery is in Gimli, Manitoba, by Lake Winnipeg. It’s one of North America’s largest distilleries and central to Crown Royal’s production.
  4. Blend of 50 Whiskies: Crown Royal is known for its blend of 50 whiskies, offering a smooth, rich taste that highlights the brand’s attention to quality.
  5. Pristine Water Source: The clear waters of Lake Winnipeg, essential for distilling, contribute to the whisky’s distinctive taste and purity.
  6. Flavor Innovations: Crown Royal offers flavors like apple, vanilla, salted caramel, and special editions that appeal to various tastes.
  7. Environmental Efforts: The distillery prioritizes sustainability, using practices that conserve water, reuse by-products, and reduce environmental impact.
  8. Global Recognition: Crown Royal has earned global awards, with its Northern Harvest Rye named 2016 World Whisky of the Year, bringing fame to Canadian whisky.
  9. Supporting Veterans: The brand supports military veterans, notably through the “Purple Bag Project,” which sends filled iconic bags to service members abroad.
  10. Pop Culture Presence: Crown Royal is often featured in songs, movies, and TV shows, symbolizing luxury and success.

Crown Royal’s journey from a royal gift to a beloved global whisky brand is marked by its commitment to craftsmanship, quality, and innovation, making it a favorite among whisky lovers worldwide.

Font and Colors

Crown Royal Emblem

The Crown Royal lettering is as part of the logo as the design. It is in italics and looks like handwritten text. A similar typeface can be found in the Kuenstler Script family, first appearing in 1902. It is a type of Roundhand calligraphy with contrasting strokes. But the Crown Royal has bolder letters, which were made for better readability.

The color palette contains red, gold and magenta. Such a combination is reminiscent of the colors of a whiskey gift box designed for monarchical persons. As far as we know, the entrepreneur put the decanters in individual purple bags with gold embroidery. And red was added to emphasize the noble origin of the drink.

Crown Royal color codes

Middle Blue PurpleHex color:#8168b2
RGB:129 104 178
CMYK:28 42 0 30
Pantone:PMS 2577 C
IndigoHex color:#500e6c
RGB:80 14 108
CMYK:26 87 0 58
Pantone:PMS 2607 C
RedHex color:#f60a40
RGB:246 10 64
CMYK:0 96 74 4
Pantone:PMS 185 C
Big Dip O’RubyHex color:#99123b
RGB:153 18 59
CMYK:0 88 61 40
Pantone:PMS 207 C
Forest GreenHex color:#0f8727
RGB:15 135 39
CMYK:89 0 71 47
Pantone:PMS 354 C
JasmineHex color:#ffe69b
RGB:255 230 155
CMYK:0 10 39 0
Pantone:PMS 1205 C
Dark GoldenrodHex color:#bc8623
RGB:188 134 35
CMYK:0 29 81 26
Pantone:PMS 7569 C
Golden BrownHex color:#81590b
RGB:129 89 11
CMYK:0 31 91 49
Pantone:PMS 1395 C