Framework Unveils New Logo and Brand Identity

Framework Logo

Framework, a wellness company founded by former Uber VP Allen Penn, has introduced its brand identity. Specializing in sauna and cold plunge services with subscription memberships, Framework’s first location opened in Nashville, TN, with a flagship site set to open in Houston, TX, this fall. The brand identity, created by Brooklyn-based design agency Franklyn, includes animation and collateral.

The logo features a clean sans-serif wordmark with an initial capital letter for balance. The letters are spaced for clarity, avoiding clutter. The design is simple yet effective, with the block forms of the two “r’s” adding a unique touch, though they introduce a slight complexity next to the “K” at the end. A traditional curved arm “r” could have provided a smoother look.

The icon’s stroke width matches the wordmark, combining symbols for hot and cold in a minimalist design. This approach maintains simplicity, ensuring the icon complements the wordmark. The alignment along a common horizontal line enhances visual harmony.

Framework Symbol

Framework’s brand identity uses temperature-inspired gradients to represent hot air and cold water. The gradients convey warmth and cold, with a glass texture adding depth. The color transitions are smooth, adding visual interest without overwhelming the design.

The animated logo features a spinning effect, changing its perception. This dynamic reveal could engage viewers and offer a memorable aspect of the logo. The branding includes icons and photography, with the icons rendered in a distinct stroke weight for added charm. Warm-toned photography contrasts the gradients, creating a cohesive visual theme.

Framework’s advertising leverages 50/50 hot and cold designs, reinforcing the brand’s core elements. The logo is a visual anchor, making the branding memorable and consistent. This design highlights Framework’s unique position in the wellness market.