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FSP: Brand overview

FSP emerged in Taiwan in 1993 and was the result of a collaboration between several companies, including the U.S. Fortron/Source Corp. and Taiwan’s Sparkle Power Intl Ltd. and Powertech Systems. The company’s name, FSP, is an acronym formed from the initial letters of these founding companies.

In its formative years, namely in the late 90s and early 2000s, FSP specialized in the production of power supplies. It quickly became one of the key original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), supplying such well-known brands as Antec and Sparkle Power. One of FSP’s notable early innovations was the development of the ATX form factor power supply, done in conjunction with Intel back in 1993.

By 2002, FSP Group had become a public company, and its shares were traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. Around the same time, there was a spin-off of Sparkle Power, which was eventually renamed FSP Technology Inc. Half a decade later, in 2007, FSP diversified its portfolio by acquiring Protek Power, a company specializing in medical power supplies.

Today, the FSP Group conglomerate includes Taiwan-based FSP Technology Inc., U.S.-based Fortron/Source Corp., and Protek Power. The group has evolved into one of the leaders in the global power supply industry, serving industries such as personal computers, data centers, industrial equipment, and medical devices.

FSP began its journey in the Taiwanese power supply sector in the 1990s, expanded its global footprint through strategic acquisitions and public listing in the 2000s, and remains a leader today.

Meaning and History

FSP Logo History

1993 – today

FSP Logo

The inscription on the FSP logo is formed from the names of the companies belonging to the main group: F – Fortron/Source Corp., S – Sparkle Power Intl Ltd., and P – Powertech Systems. The name is presented in two versions: text and graphic. The text part is typed in bold font with smooth letters, the strokes of which go beyond the vertical lines, which gives the standard glyphs uniqueness. The graphic part consists of large white letters “F” and “P,” within which a blue “S” is clearly visible. They are capitalized and placed in an oval frame.

Due to the fact that the letters are elongated, they seem to be reaching for something cool. The oval frame resembles a neat little world where the letters “F,” “S,” and “P” live together. The blue “S” sits between the white “F” and “P” as if there is a surprise in the center. It’s uneven, smooth, and has a hint of blue – all of which makes you wonder what companies are behind those letters.

FSP color codes

Air Force BlueHex color:#142d8a
RGB:20 45 138
CMYK:86 67 0 46
Pantone:PMS 2747 C