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The FSP logo amalgamates the initial letters from the core companies that form the group: F for Fortron/Source Corp., S for Sparkle Power Intl Ltd., and P for Powertech Systems. The logo exists in two distinct forms: textual and graphical. The textual component is set in a semi-bold typeface with sleek letters that extend beyond vertical lines, transforming standard glyphs into something unique. The graphical version consists of bulky white ‘F’ and ‘P’ letters that house a blue ‘S’ between them. These letters are uppercase and are encased in an oval frame.

The dual representation signifies the multi-faceted nature of the group. It caters to different visual preferences while offering insights into the group’s diverse interests and areas of expertise. The textual form focuses on smooth, elongated lines that break traditional typography rules, hinting at a willingness to defy conventions in pursuit of innovation. The sleekness of the letters represents agility and adaptability, paramount in the fast-paced corporate world.

The graphical form carries its weight of symbolism. The oval frame serves to unify the different initials, symbolizing the symbiotic relationship among the parent companies. They function as a single, cohesive unit.

The contrasting colors, primarily white and blue, add another layer of meaning. White often symbolizes purity and simplicity, characteristics valued in a world often bogged down by complexity. Blue signifies reliability and responsibility, key traits that resonate with FSP’s customer base.

The graphical version’s bulky white ‘F’ and ‘P’ make the blue ‘S’ visible through their gaps. This design choice signifies that Sparkle Power Intl Ltd. is the group’s binding force or connective tissue. It brings the otherwise disparate elements together, anchoring them into a unified entity.

The uppercase letters exude a sense of authority and assertiveness. They command attention and indicate that the group is a force to be reckoned with. At the same time, the text’s semi-bold nature balances this assertiveness with a touch of modernity, ensuring that the company is robust and contemporary.

This emblem presents a cohesive and comprehensive portrayal of the group’s identity and values through meticulous design choices—from the distinctive typography to the contrasting colors and from the dual versions to the oval frame. It effectively tells a story of unity, innovation, and reliability.

FSP: Brand overview

Founded: 1993
Website: fsp-group.com
Emerging in Taiwan in 1993, FSP became a collaborative effort among several businesses, including Fortron/Source Corp. from the USA, Sparkle Power Intl Ltd., and Powertech Systems, both based in Taiwan. The company’s moniker, FSP, is an acronym derived from the initial letters of these founding corporations.

In its formative years, specifically during the late ’90s and early 2000s, FSP specialized in crafting power supplies. It quickly became a key original equipment manufacturer (OEM), supplying established brands like Antec and Sparkle Power. One of FSP’s noteworthy early innovations was the development of the ATX power supply form factor, a project undertaken in collaboration with Intel back in 1993.

By 2002, FSP Group had gone public, its shares trading on Taiwan’s stock exchange. Around this juncture, Sparkle Power branched off and eventually rebranded as FSP Technology Inc. Half a decade later, in 2007, FSP diversified its portfolio by acquiring Protek Power, a company specializing in medical power supplies.

Today, the FSP Group conglomerate encompasses FSP Technology Inc. in Taiwan, Fortron/Source Corp. in the United States, and Protek Power. The group has evolved into a leading name in the global power supply industry, catering to various sectors such as personal computers, data centers, industrial machinery, and healthcare equipment.

FSP initiated its journey in Taiwan’s power supply sector in the 1990s, broadened its global footprint through strategic acquisitions and a public listing in the 2000s, and remains a frontrunner today.

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FSP color codes

Air Force Blue Hex color: #142d8a
RGB: 20 45 138
CMYK: 86 67 0 46
Pantone: PMS 2747 C