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The Garuda Indonesia logo is a symbol of high aviation culture and the epitome of Indonesian history and culture. The emblem consists of two parts: the inscription “Garuda Indonesia” in a serious, upright script written in dark gray and the symbol of the Garuda bird.

Garuda is a mythological bird, which in Hindu mythology is a symbol of strength, wisdom, and fidelity. The Garuda bird is the national symbol of Indonesia and the symbol of Garuda Indonesia. In the logo, she is depicted in deep blue and turquoise colors, which symbolize the azure waters of Indonesia and coastal life, which are so loved and appreciated in the country.

The inscription “Garuda Indonesia” on the logo is written in capital letters, indicating the brand’s professional approach to its work. The dark gray color symbolizes stability, reliability, and trust, which are important values for him.

The Garuda Indonesia emblem embodies the high standards of the aviation industry and reflects pride in Indonesian history and culture. The turquoise blue colors and the Garuda bird’s image remind passengers of Indonesia’s beauties and call for an adventure that only this company can provide.

Garuda Indonesia: Brand overview

Founded: August 1, 1947
Founder: Government of Indonesia
Soekarno–Hatta International Airport, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia

Meaning and History

Garuda Indonesia Logo History

1949 – 1969

Garuda Indonesian Airways Logo 1949

1969 – 1985

Garuda Indonesian Airways Logo 1969

1985 – 2009

Garuda Indonesia Logo 1985

2009 – today

Garuda Indonesia Logo

Garuda Indonesia color codes

Shadow Gray Hex color: #494343
RGB: 73 67 67
CMYK: 0 8 8 71
Pantone: PMS Black 7 C
Delft Blue Hex color: #1c2e68
RGB: 28 46 104
CMYK: 73 56 0 59
Pantone: PMS 281 C
Blue Hex color: #0094a7
RGB: 0 148 167
CMYK: 100 11 0 35
Pantone: PMS 7710 C