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The Germanwings logo is a symbol of safety, precision, and commitment to customer satisfaction. The logo sets the tone for what travelers expect: a high level of service, punctuality, and attentiveness to passengers. It attracts the attention of first-time travelers while building brand awareness and trust among loyal customers.

Germanwings: Brand overview

Germanwings GmbH, a subsidiary of Lufthansa, proudly operates as a budget airline under the Eurowings brand. Based in Cologne, the airline provided passengers with affordable and convenient options to explore interesting European destinations.

In 2002, Germanwings entered the aviation market as an independent low-cost carrier, offering a more economical alternative than Lufthansa for short-haul flights. Headquartered in Cologne, the airline quickly established an extensive network of domestic and European routes, allowing travelers to take cost-effective trips across the continent.

Germanwings’ success has led to the establishment of hubs at key German airports, including Cologne-Bonn, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Berlin-Tegel, Munich, Hannover and Dortmund.

Recognizing Germanwings’ achievements and the potential of the low-fare market, Lufthansa acquired a 45% stake in October 2009. Encouraged by further success, Lufthansa increased its stake to 100% in November 2011.

In October 2015, Lufthansa made a bold decision to reposition its low-fare short-haul product by transforming Germanwings into a wet lease operator for Eurowings.

In March 2018, as part of the wet leasing agreement, Germanwings’ IATA code “4U” was changed to “EW,” marking the gradual transition of Germanwings’ aircraft and crew to the Eurowings brand.

In April 2020, Lufthansa announced the closure of Germanwings as part of a comprehensive restructuring to optimize operations and focus resources on the core Eurowings brand.

Meaning and History

Germanwings Logo History

What is Germanwings?

Germanwings, once a thriving budget airline in Germany, was wholly owned by the renowned Lufthansa and subsequently operated under the prestigious Eurowings brand. Since its inception in 2002, the airline started its operations focused on providing cost-effective travel solutions to Europe. It has successfully carved a niche for itself in the vibrant aviation sector, reaffirming the reputation of its parent company, Lufthansa. Operating from Cologne-Bonn Airport, the airline initially flew to domestic destinations and gradually expanded its operations across Europe. While expanding its network, the company also diversified its fleet, favoring fuel-efficient aircraft to maintain its commitment to affordability and sustainability. Even as it transitioned to the Eurowings brand in 2015, the airline maintained its mission to democratize air travel in Europe.

2002 – 2012

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2012 – 2020

Germanwings Logo

The logo of this airline is directly related to its name, which consists of two parts: ‘German’ and ‘wings.’ It shows a design improvisation of wings, which are wide flags or double V-shaped bands. The ends of the bands are raised up and semicircular in shape, each ending in a single dot. The left side is colored yellow, and the right side is wine-colored. The inscription is in the same colors and typed in lowercase font, embodying the business style characteristic of meticulous Germans.

The contrasting colors of yellow and wine evoke a sense of balance, representing warmth and sophistication. The blocky, business-style lowercase font emphasizes the airline’s focus on reliability and precision. The upturned semicircular ends of the “wings” create a sense of lift and forward motion, conveying the airline’s commitment to a positive customer experience and forward-looking innovation.