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Gordini’s logo features a font with letters thickened on the left, strikingly similar to Old Miami Beach Nights JNL Regular from Jeff Levine Fonts. The design is Art Deco in style, creating an impression of lightness, playfulness, and casualness.

The Art Deco elements in the emblem bring forth an aura of glamour and luxury often associated with the Roaring Twenties. This period was characterized by bold geometric forms, rich colors, and lavish ornamentation, reflecting a society in rapid transition. The thickening of the letters on the left side produces a sense of dynamism and movement, essential qualities in the automotive industry.

The company’s focus on lightness and playfulness through its logo isn’t to be mistaken for a lack of seriousness in automotive manufacturing. The French brand takes its engineering rigorously, producing reliable and advanced vehicles. The Art Deco stylization seems to balance the intensive engineering focus with an element of human-centric design. It’s as if the emblem says, “Driving is not just a necessity; it’s an experience, an art.”

The color blue used in the inscription is more than an aesthetic choice. Blue is a color that often symbolizes confidence, stability, and reliability. These are foundational elements for any company involved in designing and manufacturing automobiles. Within the automotive industry context, where safety and dependability are paramount, this choice of color fortifies the brand’s image as a stalwart.

The emblem serves as a microcosm of the company’s ethos, capturing its commitment to engineering excellence and its dedication to the human experience of driving. Whether one considers the carefully chosen font, the art Deco aesthetics, or the blue coloring, each aspect of the logo is a nuanced decision reflecting the multifaceted identity of Gordini. It’s an intricate mix of history, style, and substance, not merely a visual element but a calculated expression of what the company stands for.

Gordini: Brand overview

Founded: 1946
Founder: Renault Sport
Les Ulis, France
Emerging in Paris in 1946 under the guidance of Italian engineer Amédée Gordini, the company initially specialized in optimizing engines and creating performance-enhancing accessories for race cars. This earned Gordini a reputation as a leader in automotive tuning. As the 1950s rolled around, the company ventured into building its line of sports cars, such as the Type 11 and 17, and swiftly made a name for itself on the motorsports circuit.

In a pivotal move in 1957, Gordini joined forces with Renault to craft souped-up editions of Renault’s consumer vehicles while bearing the Gordini moniker. This collaboration extended through the 1960s, as Gordini not only continued to refine engines but also became intricately involved in developing cars for Renault’s Alpine sub-brand and even had a hand in Formula One racing initiatives.

The relationship between the two firms solidified in 1968 when Renault acquired a controlling interest in Gordini, turning it into a fully-fledged subsidiary. From this point, the focus shifted to enhancing Renault’s lineup of sports cars. By the mid-1970s, Gordini was fully integrated into Renault’s motorsports wing and rebranded as Renault Sport in 1976.

Even though it no longer exists as a standalone entity, the Gordini name endures as a hallmark of performance within the Renault brand. To this day, it evokes Renault’s storied tradition in racing and its commitment to crafting high-velocity, exhilarating French automobiles.

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