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Horki: Brand overview

Horki is a sub-brand launched in 2019 under the umbrella of Kia Motors Corporation and designed specifically for Chinese consumers. It exists solely to serve the local Chinese market, offering vehicles that are designed and manufactured in China. Although the company’s operations are limited to China, Horki benefits from the extensive resources and expertise of its parent company, Kia.

Horki’s lineup includes SUVs, multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs), and sedans, and it is focused on gaining significant market share among Chinese consumers. Kia’s design studio based in China has developed these vehicles to meet local preferences and requirements. Production is integrated into Kia’s existing Chinese manufacturing facilities, such as Yancheng.

The creation of Horki is a strategic move for Kia to strengthen its position in the huge Chinese automotive market. This specialized sub-brand allows Kia to offer Chinese customers customized options without compromising the integrity and perception of the global Kia brand. Although relatively new, Horki is a testament to Kia’s focused approach to expanding and thriving in the Chinese automotive market under a localized brand.

Meaning and History

Horki Logo History

2013 – today

Horki Logo

Since Horki is a Chinese brand, its emblem features two Chinese characters. The logo also includes a design that mimics the shape and color of a real metal car badge, done with a silver gradient. The graphic symbol takes the form of an oval with two crossbars.

The inclusion of Chinese characters clearly emphasizes the nationality of the brand. The use of a silver gradient to imitate a metal car badge gives the brand image a touch of luxury and quality. The oval shape with crossbars is interpreted as an embodiment of unity and stability, qualities associated with reliable automotive brands.