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Hydro Flask Logo

Hydro Flask Logo
Hydro Flask Logo PNG

Hydro Flask introduced its first vacuum-insulated bottle in 2009. Having sold over a million units in three years, it began producing growlers, special containers for transporting beer. Since then, the range has expanded to include hundreds of new products, including high-quality food thermoses, waterproof covers, cooler bags, refrigerated cups, thermal mugs for wine, coffee, and other beverages. Its products are featured in USA Today, Men’s Health and Forbes, and are used by students and tourism enthusiasts. But the biggest fans of Hydro Flask are millennials who enjoy drinking water from custom-designed bottles.

Meaning and History

Hydro Flask Logo History
Evolution of the Hydro Flask Logo

The company manufactures vacuum insulated cookware using premium austenitic stainless steel. Its products are free of bisphenol A and other potentially harmful substances; since 2012, Hydro Flask has produced only environmentally friendly products. Flasks with a proprietary powder coating are excellent at keeping the temperature keeping food cold.

But high quality is not the only thing that makes a brand popular. No less important is a recognizable design, which is based on elements of visual identification. All food and drink utensils are adorned with the Jumping Man logo. This symbol was updated in the second half of 2015 when Hydro Flask relaunched the site and introduced the Fall Thermal Collection.

2009 – 2015

Hydro Flask Logo 2009-2015

In 2009, Cindy Morse and Travis Rosbach decided to upgrade the water bottles to keep them at the right temperature. This is how the Hydro Flask brand was born, and with it, the logo in the form of a cheerful little man. It looked like a blob with splashes on the sides. The inner part of the body was white and shaped like a rectangular pillow with concave sides. From each corner emerged one thin black line with a dot at the end – an imitation of arms and legs. At the top, there was a smile arc and five stripes representing hair.

Below the design was black lettering “Hydro Flask.” The designers used a partially rounded font, with the lowercase letters “d,” “a,” and “r” missing some elements.

2015 – present

Hydro Flask Logo 2015-present

In 2015, the company decided to change its image and used crowdsourced creative services for this. She needed a better symbol that could reflect increased sales, a wider range of products, and a drive for innovation. She looked at almost a thousand options until she chose a new logo, remarkably similar to the old one.

The drawing remained recognizable but acquired a bolder and cleaner design. Now the inside of the man is painted over with black, and there are no dots at the ends of the improvised arms, legs, and hair. The smile looks much more confident because the lines are thicker and more symmetrical. The lettering font has also changed slightly. The modern Hydro Flask branding was introduced along with an updated website and graced the product line launched in the fall.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Hydro Flask Emblem

The smiling little man conveys a feeling of joy and happiness. He jumps high, spreading his arms and legs. His hair resembles a spray of water, and his body is like a drop, so there is an associative connection with water. That is, the emblem symbolizes freshness, energy, fun. Considering that Hydro Flask positions itself as a manufacturer of products for an active lifestyle, this icon fits perfectly into its concept.

The typeface used by the designers has a lot in common with Galano Grotesque. It is a geometric sans-serif typeface based on classic standards. Its designer balanced the width and height of the letters, and at the same time, made all the strokes the same thickness so that the grotesque turned out to be low-contrast.

Hydro Flask Symbol

The official logo color is black. But on Hydro Flask bottles, the pattern is most often white because the colorful background balances it.