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The IDBI Bank logo permeates the idea of ​​protection and security. The emblem promises fair and transparent transactions, safety, and capital growth. The sign shows that the structure invests in the country’s development.

IDBI Bank: Brand overview

Founded:1 July 1964
Founder:Government of India
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
IDBI Bank (or IDBI Bank Limited) is a banking structure, the full name of which stands for Industrial Development Bank of India. It appeared in 1964 thanks to the then-adopted law on crediting and financial assistance for forming the country’s young industry. The company is focused on investing, banking, credit cards, pensions, and mortgages. First, the institution was part of the Reserve Bank of India structure, and then RBI transferred it to the Government of India. It is now located in Mumbai, Maharashtra State, managing numerous branches and an overseas subsidiary in Dubai.

Meaning and History

IDBI Bank Logo History

With the emergence of IDBI Bank, the state began to solve its internal financial problems by enlarging the institution or transferring it to another subordination. In 2006, it became the property of United Western Bank, and in 2019, it was transferred to the private sector category. However, its concept or emblem did not reflect the most important stages of the bank’s career. She went through many transitions with him but never changed her appearance, remaining true to traditions.

Most national organizations today have their roots in IDBI because it has become their foundation. The bank was awarded several awards for its successful activities and a huge role in the state’s development: Overall Best Bank, Dun & Bradstreet Banking Awards (in 2011), and Best Public Sector Bank. The mark of his visual identity is a symbiosis of business practice and creativity. It contains both of these elements harmoniously. The logo has three parts.

What is IDBI Bank?

IDBI Bank – Industrial Development Bank of India. It is an Indian financial organization that was created to develop enterprises that support the country’s economy. The current range of IDBI services is much wider.

The first is a graphic image of an orange flower on a white background formed by a circle. It is believed to be a lotus of great importance to Indian culture and society. It symbolizes a lot and is understandable for all population categories because, according to Buddhism, the lotus is one of the eight auspicious signs. The flower is depicted abstractly and consists of two narrow petals at the edges, two wide in the center, and one large dot in the middle at the top.

The second part is an inscription – the name of the bank. For convenience, the abbreviated version is used – “IDBI Bank.” It is an acronym for Industrial Development Bank of India. All letters are in uppercase, but the start is higher than the end. This draws attention to the name and makes it widely recognizable.

There is also the third part – this is the substrate of the emblem. A horizontal rectangle has smooth edges and precise corners. The opposite sides match perfectly. The white lettering and orange icon are visible against a dark turquoise background.

IDBI Bank: Interesting Facts

IDBI Bank, or the Industrial Development Bank of India, has a special role in India’s banking world because it focuses on helping industries grow.

  1. Start and Growth: IDBI Bank began in 1964, and the government set it up to help industries. It was first owned by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), and then, in 1976, ownership was transferred to the Government of India. The bank has helped many industries by lending them money.
  2. Becoming a Regular Bank: In 2004, IDBI began offering regular banking services, such as taking deposits and lending to people and businesses.
  3. Combining with Other Companies: In 2005, IDBI Bank merged its different parts—IDBI Ltd., IDBI Bank, IDBI Home Finance Ltd., and IDBI Gilts—to work better as one company.
  4. Change in Ownership: The Government of India used to be the main owner, but 2019 the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) bought a big part of it. Despite this, the government still has a notable share.
  5. Services Offered: IDBI Bank offers more than regular banking. It offers services like savings accounts, loans, and credit cards and helps with investing. It’s also active in helping farmers and small businesses with their unique needs.
  6. Working in India and Abroad: The bank has many branches and ATMs in India and other countries, such as Dubai and Singapore. This helps it serve Indian people living abroad and support international business.
  7. Going Digital: IDBI Bank has moved to digital with online banking, banking on mobiles and tablets. It also has a “Go Green” campaign encouraging banking without paper to protect the environment.
  8. Awards: The bank has often been recognized for its good work, innovation, and dedication to customer happiness.
  9. They are helping Students: IDBI Bank loans students in India and other countries to support their education, sticking to its development goal.
  10. Improving Itself: The bank has faced some problems with bad loans but is getting better by making plans to fix its issues, including getting support from LIC.

IDBI Bank’s story shows how it has changed over time to meet the needs of its customers, from being a bank focused on development to a full-service bank.

Font and Colors

IDBI Bank Emblem

IDBI Bank strives for excellence in everything, balancing the range of services and identity. The designers opted for a sleek Sans Serif typeface to support this trend. The letters are grotesque, with small extensions at the ends and on both sides—above and below. This is probably an alternative to serifs, which is not because the bank wanted a clear, transparent logo without “double reading.”

IDBI Bank Symbol

The palette of the logo is also not complicated and consists of only three colors: turquoise (background), orange (graphic element), and white (inscriptions and strokes). At the same time, the gamut is completely dim – it is pastel.


What is the IDBI Bank emblem?

The emblem is a stylized monogram resembling a smooth orange flower with a lowercase “i” in the center. This design is simple and elegant, making it a distinctive logo for the brand.

The orange flower represents growth, vitality, and warmth, reflecting the bank’s commitment to helping its customers prosper. The “i” in the middle stands for IDBI, making the logo easily recognizable and directly connected to the bank’s name.

What font is the IDBI Bank logo?

The font in the IDBI Bank logo features bold, clean lettering in a modern sans-serif typeface with slightly flared ends on the characters. This gives the logo a sleek and contemporary look, making it professional and approachable.

The closest fonts to this are Classico Bold and Columbia Serial Extra Bold, though the logo has some minor modifications to make it unique. The bold and clear lettering ensures the logo is easy to read and stands out, reinforcing the brand’s уникальностью in the financial sector.

What is the new name of IDBI Bank?

The brand’s new name is IDBI Bank Limited.’ The original name was Industrial Development Bank of India Limited. The name change took effect on May 07, 2008, when the Registrar of Companies in Maharashtra issued a new certificate of incorporation.

This change reflects the bank’s focus on various banking services. By becoming ‘IDBI Bank Limited,’ the brand emphasizes its broad range of financial services, including personal and corporate banking.

The rebranding aligns the bank’s name with its current services, making its identity clearer to customers and stakeholders.

What does the IDBI logo mean?

The logo looks like a drop-down lotus bud, a key symbol in Indian culture representing purity, growth, and prosperity. The lotus symbolizes spirituality and enlightenment, reflecting the brand’s cultural roots and commitment to growth. The logo has a point at the top, creating an image that resembles a human silhouette.

The IDBI logo combines cultural significance with a modern focus on customers. It represents the bank’s values of growth, purity, and customer service, making it a meaningful and recognizable symbol for the brand.

What is the slogan of IDBI Bank?

The bank’s slogan is “Banking for All.” This slogan shows its commitment to serving a wide range of customers.

“Banking for All” means the bank aims to meet the needs of individuals, businesses, and communities. It is shown that everyone, regardless of their financial situation or background, can find suitable banking solutions with IDBI.

This slogan captures the brand’s mission to provide comprehensive and inclusive financial services, reinforcing its dedication to reaching and supporting all customers.

Is IDBI full form?

No, it is an abbreviation. The full form is the Industrial Development Bank of India. This name shows the bank’s original mission to support industrial growth in India.

Since then, the bank has expanded its services to offer various banking products for individuals, businesses, and communities. IDBI’s abbreviation still represents the brand’s history and dedication to India’s economic development.