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The iconic brand has a unique and elegant logo Kanebo inspired by Japanese writing. It is a text image placed on a white background. The company’s name – Kanebo – is traditionally used as an inscription. It is decorated with the author’s font, which is distinguished by thin calligraphic lines and sharp characteristic serifs. This format is directly associated with Japanese culture and denotes the special value of health.

Kanebo: Brand overview

Founder:Kao Corporation (2005)
Tokyo, Japan
Kanebo is one of the leading Asian manufacturers of quality skin care and color cosmetics. Products include professional lines for different skin types, products for makeup artists, and hair care. Most of the products manufactured by Kanebo contain silk extracts. This is one of the main features of the brand, which initially specialized in textile production, currently under the control of a large Japanese company Koa Group, which operates in the chemical industry.

Meaning and History

Kanebo Logo History

Kanebo is the largest cosmetic brand in Asia. But, he began his journey in the textile industry. Initially, the company was engaged in the export of silk and cotton, and only a few years later, it radically changed the scope of its activities. The new direction involved the manufacture of cosmetic products that had different purposes. Among them are skin and hair care products and decorative cosmetics, presented in a rich color palette.

Each product featured features the distinctive Kanebo badge. This is the basis of the visual identity of a well-known brand. The distinctive features of the logo are simplicity, sophistication, rigor, and minimalism. These characteristics are reflected through the classic color scheme and the thematic non-standard font. Each line of the lettering is reminiscent of Japanese calligraphic writing and is associated with high quality.

What is Kanebo?

Kanebo is one of the leaders in the cosmetics industry. The brand’s headquarters is in Tokyo, where luxury products for care and makeup are created. The main feature of the company’s cosmetics is the use of silk extracts, which have a beneficial effect on the skin and hair. Kanebo is also one of the first brands to use hyaluronic acid for anti-aging and lifting effects.

Kanebo was founded back in the 80s. But, at that time, she was engaged in the export of silk and cotton fabrics. The activity for the production of cosmetic products improved only in 1987. Despite the change in specialization, the company’s visual identity has not changed. The brand still used a minimalist emblem, which consisted of only one inscription – Kanebo. The brand still uses this option.

The main idea of ​​the designers creating this brand name was to focus on the Japanese origin of the cosmetics company. To do this, they picked up a special font and made some changes that made it look like Japanese letters. Characteristic features are sharp serifs, reminiscent of ink tails, and smooth lines, similar to brush strokes.

An extraordinary inscription is not limited to frames and is not supplemented by graphic figures. In these features, too, lies a special meaning. The absence of a framework means unlimited opportunities for the company’s development. Over the entire period of its existence, it changed its specialization and significantly expanded the range of products presented. In addition, there are no decorative symbols on the logo.

This means that Kanebo pursues success with a strict focus on its philosophy. Nothing distracts her from the chosen strategy, which is reflected in a simple laconic emblem. Another component of the visual concept is coloring. The cosmetic brand has chosen a solid classic color scheme that does not lose its relevance. This is a traditional design in the form of black and white, which large companies with a worldwide reputation often choose.

Font and Colors

Kanebo Symbol

Kanebo is a company that values ​​its achievements and excellent reputation. This is exactly what is manifested in the sophisticated logo, charming author’s lines, and elegant colors. It is based on one inscription denoting the brand name. But, the designers could lay in this simple sign the whole depth of values. The main feature is the author’s stylized font. It is made in the style of Joane Italic Semi Bold, but with some modifications.

They consisted of smoother drawn lines and the presence of sharp ends in the letters. Such changes were aimed at bringing the word sign as close as possible to the traditions of Japanese writing. This choice is due to the origin of Kanebo; therefore, it immediately makes it clear to the client what products are offered to him. In Japanese culture, health and beauty are among the highest values, so there is no doubt about the quality of cosmetics.

An additional message of the corporate logo also lies in the professionalism, reliability, and value of an innovative approach to production. This emphasizes the use of black in which the inscription is framed. Designers always choose a shade for those companies that want to emphasize their importance, high status, and quality. In addition, the inscription in black looks great on the packaging of cosmetic products.

The logo’s background is always white in the basic version, symbolizing another important feature – honesty. This feature is manifested at all stages of production and the level of the company’s activities. Kanebo is always open to its customers. She honestly lists ingredients, informs about special recipes and product innovations, and appreciates feedback.

Kanebo color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C