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The Maxxis logo shows the company’s desire to hear about the client’s needs and embody them in their products. The emblem is imposing and strong, just like the manufacturer’s tires. The sign is based on ease of movement and a guarantee of smooth braking.

Maxxis: Brand overview

Founded:January 1, 1967
Founder:Luo Jye
Yuanlin, Taiwan
Maxxis is a subsidiary of the Taiwanese concern Cheng Shin Group, which supplies tires. It was founded in 1967 as a small bicycle tire business. A lot has changed since then: now it owns its technology centers, ten factories, and giant testing ground.

Meaning and History

Maxxis Symbol

In more than half a century, the brand has changed only two logos. The first depicts an elongated ellipse with a white center and orange-black edges. The uneven thickness of the outer contours creates an effect of movement and dynamism. The geometric figure itself, as conceived by the authors, should be associated with tires.

Inside is the brand name, written in capital letters and circled in black. The font is printed in italic. In the lower right corner is the word “Tires,” which indicates the type of product.

What is Maxxis?

Maxxis is a tire company ranked ninth in the world. It was established in Taiwan in 1967, initially manufacturing bicycle tires. The brand is now fully owned by Cheng Shin, and its headquarters are located in Yuanlin, Changhua County.

As the company developed, the designers simplified the logo and removed the ellipse. Only the inscription “Maxxis” remained. It is also orange but without a dark outline. The proportions of printed characters have not changed. The letter spacing, as before, is narrow. The registered trademark is shown in the upper right corner.

Several side emblems vary in content. Sometimes they are supplemented with corporate slogans. For example, they are motivating phrases with a call to movement.

The owners of the company have recently started using the old version of the logo, promoting it internationally. The marketing team said the classic symbol is better known and supports the brand’s identity.

Maxxis: Interesting Facts

Maxxis is well-known for making top-quality tires and has made a big mark on the global tire scene with its innovation, quality, and sports sponsorships.

  1. Start and Growth: Founded in Taiwan in 1967 as Cheng Shin Rubber, Maxxis started small but has grown into a leading tire brand. It operates in about 180 countries and has over 30,000 employees.
  2. Going Global: Maxxis has factories not just in Taiwan but also in China, Thailand, Vietnam, and the USA to reach its worldwide market better.
  3. Wide Range of Tires: The company makes tires for many vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, bikes, and even industrial machines. This shows Maxxis’s broad expertise.
  4. Focus on Innovation: Maxxis invests a lot in research and development to make tires that last longer, perform better, and are more efficient.
  5. Sports Sponsorships: Maxxis supports sports teams and athletes in mountain biking, BMX, motocross, rally racing, and football. This shows its dedication to excellence and helps improve its tires through competition.
  6. Awards: Maxxis tires have won many awards for quality and performance, earning high praise in consumer reports and automotive magazines.
  7. Specialty Tires: Besides regular tires, Maxxis also makes custom tires for specific needs, like racing tires for certain conditions, showing its innovative edge.
  8. Helping the Community: The company participates in community work, supporting education, disaster relief, and health initiatives, showing its commitment to giving back.
  9. Trust and Loyalty: With consistent quality, smart marketing, and community involvement, Maxxis has earned a loyal following worldwide. People trust its tires for safety, durability, and performance, whether driving, biking, or racing.

Maxxis’s story is about rising from a local maker to a global tire powerhouse, led by a focus on making great products, caring for customers, and being socially responsible.

Font and Colors

Maxxis Emblem

The popular Taiwanese tire manufacturer’s logo is minimalistic. There is only one detail on it – the word “MAXXIS.” It replaces three elements and carries a great ideological load:

  1. The uppercase font indicates that the company is doing its best and producing top quality products.
  2. The inscription directly indicates the range: the double “xx” looks like a tread mark.
  3. The logo indicates that the company produces tires for the most difficult conditions.

The signs are even, strict, geometric, with a slight slope to the right. By design, they perfectly match the road theme. The emblem has no frames.

The logo uses the Geogrotesque Bold Italic typeface – bold, oblique, with clear stripes. Wide lines indicate the size of the track the wheels leave behind. Usually, the lettering is located on the tires’ sides, in a conspicuous place to prevent counterfeiting. The color palette is catchy and consists of a single shade – pastel orange # FD4703.

Maxxis color codes

Red-OrangeHex color:#fd4703
RGB:253 71 3
CMYK:0 72 99 1
Pantone:PMS Orange 021 C