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The channel emblem takes the viewer back to childhood. It promises pleasant activities with other kids and getting simple initial knowledge. The Nick Jr logo is filled with lightness and pleasant emotions, and each element is associated with toys.

Nick Jr: Brand overview

Founded:January 4, 1988
Founder:Paramount Media Networks
New York, New York, U.S.
Nick Jr. Channel is historically associated with Nickelodeon. He also broadcasts programs for children, but his target audience is the smallest viewers. Interactive educational cartoons are broadcast, with special attention paid to developmental activities. Colorful characters teach boys and girls how to count, write, read, distinguish colors and interact with the world around them. And funny stories and a simple form of presenting the material do not let you get bored in the learning process.

Meaning and History

Nick Jr Logo History

Nickelodeon used to broadcast a block of programming for preschool children. By 1987, the amount of content had grown so much that the project managers decided to separate it into a separate brand – Nick Junior. And a year later, he was renamed Nick Jr. The rebranding was completed in mid-1989 and led to the emergence of an entire identity system, where the orange and blue logo with an inscription occupied the central place.

However, the word mark was shown very rarely on the screen. Designers have developed many icons of different shapes: in the form of rockets, mushrooms, elephants, flowers, snails, and other figures associated with cartoon characters. A common configuration united them: there was always a large orange element on the left, and on the right – a small and light blue one. One part had the inscription “NICK,” and the other – “JR.” The typography was the same in all cases.

These same graphic symbols were later used for Nick Jr. It appeared much later (in 2009) and was named after the Nickelodeon block of the same name. The conglomerate ViacomCBS Inc., which owns all the brands, counted Nick Jr. a worthy replacement for the Noggin TV network. Its identity also traces the features of the Nickelodeon corporate identity, but the designers tried to give the logo individuality.

What is Nick Jr?

Nick Jr is an entertainment and educational programming block for preschoolers owned by Nickelodeon. It began broadcasting in 1988, and in 2009, a standalone channel for children up to 6 years old was created based on it. To avoid confusion, it is referred to on-air as Nick Jr. Channel. The channel features a variety of shows, such as Santiago of the Seas, Peppa Pig, Bubble Guppies, and The Adventures of Paddington.


Nick Junior Logo 1988

In the first advertisements, the preschool block was represented by a round orange wordmark. This symbol appeared before the renaming of Nick Junior to Nick Jr. because the full version of the name was written inside the circle, without abbreviations. The designers split the text into two lines and angled it to make the emblem look like an unevenly pasted sticker. They specially made the inscription white because, this way, the letters stood out better against a bright background.

1988 – 2009

Nick Jr. Logo 1988-2009

During the rebranding process, the logo has changed. It contained the block name Nick Jr. in two colors: orange and light blue. A bright sunny hue was used for the first word and sky blue for the second. There was no dot at the end. Perhaps the design creators considered it an unnecessary element and did not want to overload the image with small details. The entire inscription was converted to upper case, but the first “N” and “J” towered above the rest of the letters. For the design of the text, the developers have chosen a streamlined font, Balloon Extra Bold, with a slight slant to the left.

2009 – today

Nick Jr. Logo 2009-present

Nick Jr. Channel was released in 2009. It got its name in honor of the gearbox for preschool children. Nickelodeon adapted its logo to its corporate identity. Hence, the first half of the inscription (“nick”) exactly copies the beginning of the Nickelodeon word mark and consists of the same orange lowercase letters. The second part (“jr”) is traditionally light blue. In the end, for the first time in the history of the brand, a dot appeared – large and round, like a ball.

Nick Jr: Interesting Facts

Nick Jr., launched as a segment on Nickelodeon in 1988 and became its channel in 2009, is celebrated for its educational content aimed at preschoolers. It combines entertainment with learning, fostering problem-solving, literacy, and math skills.

  1. Start and Growth: Nickelodeon to cater to preschoolers; Nick Jr. became its channel in 2009 due to its success, widening its audience.
  2. Educational Commitment: Nick Jr. focuses on educational shows developed with experts to help kids learn while having fun.
  3. Mascot Face: Introduced in 1994, Face, the animated mascot, became popular for its engaging presence between shows.
  4. Blue’s Clues Influence: Premiering in 1996, “Blue’s Clues” introduced an interactive format that engaged kids in problem-solving, marking a new approach in preschool programming.
  5. Dora the Explorer: Since 2000, “Dora the Explorer” has taught children Spanish and introduced them to Hispanic culture, becoming one of Nick Jr.’s flagship shows.
  6. Global Presence: Nick Jr. has a significant worldwide audience through channels and programming tailored to various countries.
  7. Awards: The network’s programming has earned multiple awards, highlighting its dedication to quality and educational content.
  8. Embracing Digital: Adapting to changing media consumption, Nick Jr. offers its content on digital platforms, making it accessible on multiple devices.
  9. Diverse Shows: Nick Jr. ventures into various genres, keeping content engaging with animated and live-action series, including interactive shows.
  10. Supporting Development: Beyond TV, Nick Jr. provides online resources for parents and educators, promoting early development and encouraging parental involvement.

Nick Jr. has become a key player in preschool education through television, praised for its blend of learning and fun. It continues to evolve, meeting the demands of the digital age while maintaining its core mission of educating and entertaining.

Font and Colors

Nick Junior Emblem

The core of Nick Jr.’s visual system. – logo with the brand name. It is made in a playful style and is designed to attract the attention of children. The “i” looks most unusual: its vertical part merges with the point. At the same time, a thin line stretches between the two parts of the letter, as if they used to be one whole, but now they have begun to separate.

Nickelodeon and Nick Jr.’s typography coincides because the logos of these two channels were created simultaneously. A common custom font unites them with a rounded shape. Initially, the design had no analogs, but in 2016 the Litebulb Bold typeface was developed on its basis.

Nick Jr Symbol

The color palette contains only two shades: orange (PMS Orange 021) and light blue (PMS 306). They divide the inscription into two parts and do not mix.

Nick Jr color codes

ff8000Hex color:#ff8000
RGB:255 128
CMYK:0 50 100 0
Pantone:PMS 1505 C
Maximum Blue GreenHex color:#00bccb
RGB:0 188 203
CMYK:100 74 0 20
Pantone:PMS 7466 C