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The Patrol logo reflects the technological excellence, power, and reliability of the SUVs it represents. The design elements showcase the readiness of these all-wheel-drive vehicles for any challenges, instilling a sense of confidence and safety.

Patrol: Brand overview

The story of the Patrol brand began in 1951 with the introduction of its first generation, the 4W60. Initially designed for the Japanese military, the vehicle quickly became a rugged and reliable off-road vehicle.

The second generation, the 60 series, was introduced in 1958. This model expanded the brand’s reach beyond Japan, showcasing its robust global capabilities.

By 1960, the vehicle was imported to the United States under the Datsun name. This move allowed the brand to establish a foothold in the American market, known for its demand for durable and powerful vehicles.

The 1980s saw the third generation’s debut, the 160 series, also known as the MQ or G60. This iteration solidified the vehicle’s reputation as a dependable off-roader, blending strength with improved performance.

In 1987, the company launched the fourth generation, the Y60. This version featured more powerful engines and enhanced suspension systems, making it a favorite among off-road enthusiasts.

The fifth generation, the Y61, arrived in 1997, continuing the legacy of toughness and reliability. This model maintained the vehicle’s status as a go-to option for off-road adventures and heavy-duty applications.

A notable event occurred in 2004 when a model from this brand set a world record by towing a 170-ton C-130 Hercules airplane, showcasing its incredible power and durability.

The sixth generation, the Y62, was introduced in 2010. This model marked a shift towards luxury without sacrificing off-road prowess. It featured a refined design and advanced technologies, appealing to a broader market.

In 2014, the Y62 received an update with a new front-end design and enhanced features, ensuring it remained competitive in the evolving SUV market.

By 2017, the vehicle had surpassed one million units sold since its inception, highlighting its enduring popularity and reliability.

The most recent update in 2019 brought further refinements to the Y62, including refreshed exterior and interior designs, keeping the model modern and appealing.

Throughout its history, this brand’s vehicle has evolved from a utilitarian vehicle to a luxurious SUV while maintaining its legendary off-road capabilities. Its strength and reliability have made it a favorite in regions like Australia, the Middle East, and Africa, where it is trusted to handle the toughest conditions.

Meaning and History

Patrol Logo History

What is Patrol?

This is a series of reliable and versatile SUVs manufactured by Nissan. Known for its durability, rugged construction, and excellent off-road capabilities, the vehicle has become popular for adventure enthusiasts, military use, and various industrial applications. It is designed to handle difficult terrain and harsh conditions, offering reliable and powerful performance.

1951 – today

Patrol Symbol

The Japanese brand Patrol is renowned worldwide for its powerful vehicles, recognizable by their minimalist logo. The wordmark matches the appearance of the SUVs, as the designers made it stylish and modern. They used a universal black color for the inscription, reflecting the company’s strength, authority, and professionalism. The monochromatic palette emphasizes the manufacturer’s seriousness and instills confidence in the reliability of the all-wheel-drive vehicles.

The emblem features “predatory” traits, evident in the sharp cuts and pointed ends. This style is perfect for vehicles associated with adventures and off-road travel. The letters appear massive and stable, indicating the SUVs’ ability to overcome the toughest obstacles. At the same time, the glyphs convey comfort with their smooth curves.

The logo contains only the name Patrol, creating a strong brand image in consumers’ minds. It is written in a strict, modern font with clear and angular lines, perfectly reflecting the dynamic spirit of the vehicles. Each letter has its unique character, showcasing the individuality of the SUVs. However, they share a common style, harmonizing the wordmark with the brand’s concept.