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The PGA Tour logo reflects the core values of this sports organization, such as professionalism, dedication, and unity. It underscores the drive to achieve outstanding results and to perfect one’s skills. The emblem conveys the beauty and elegance of golf and solidarity among golfers worldwide. It has become a symbol of inspiration for millions of fans of this captivating game.

PGA Tour: Brand overview

Founded:December 2, 1929
North America
The PGA Tour organization formally came into being in 1968. It emerged from the Professional Golfers’ Association of America, which, in turn, was established in 1916. The split occurred because tournament players were dissatisfied with the existing distribution of money. They decided to operate independently and formed the American Professional Golfers, Inc. Still, after several months, they gave in to persuasion. They agreed to replace it with the PGA “Tournament Players Division.” This compromise granted them autonomy and extra profits, although they remained under the auspices of the PGA of America. In 1975, the division was named PGA Tour, a decision made by the new commissioner, Deane R. Beman, who took office a year earlier.

Meaning and History

PGA Tour Logo History

The PGA “Tournament Players Division” was founded in 1968 as part of the Professional Golfers’ Association of America. The logo of the time contained its name, split into three lines and placed inside a shield. In 1974, Deane R. Beman became the organization’s commissioner. He changed the name to PGA Tour, so the emblem with the new inscription began to be used in the 1976 season. But it was still a heraldic shield, stylized as the U.S. flag with blue, red, and white elements.

Beman was dissatisfied that the symbol was not associated with golf and strikingly resembled the logos of the Amateur Athletic Union and Union Pacific Railroad. He believed the PGA Tour lacked a clear brand, hindering its development. The commissioner wanted the emblem to show dynamism and tell a story. Art West, the director of marketing, held the same view and insisted on changing the organization’s visual identity.

In 1979, they began to work together and even made preliminary sketches, but they did not achieve the desired result. Ultimately, Beman decided to seek help from his acquaintance – Esmond Cardon Walker. He was the head of The Walt Disney Company, so he managed an entire team of professional artists. Esmond tasked the creation of the PGA Tour emblem to a creative group from Orlando, which was based in the basement of Disney World. At the same time, West hired the advertising company J. Walter Thompson to develop a concept.

As a result, they received more than 20 logo options from Disney and Thompson, after which they reduced their number to 12. The Guideline Research Corporation was hired to conduct market research to determine the preferences of golf fans. The favorite was the white silhouette of a man swinging a club against a blue rectangle – the work of The Walt Disney Company employees. But Beman did not like that the lower corners were not rounded, and the legs of the athlete went beyond the base. He commissioned Floyd Benton to correct these details. Thus, the iconic symbol of the PGA Tour appeared.

What is PGA Tour?

The PGA Tour is an organizer of golf competitions that are held throughout the year. The Presidents Cup, FedEx Cup, and Players Championship are the most famous. Most tournaments take place in the United States, but some are aimed at countries in Latin America, Canada, and China.

1982 – today

PGA Tour Logo

The logo contains the name of the organization, made in bold font with rectangular serifs. The white abbreviation “PGA” is written in the upper corner, and under it is the red word “TOUR,” in which the letters are lined up in a column. Next to it is the silhouette of a golfer: he elegantly bent his knee, leaned forward, and raised the club above his head. According to Beman, this is not a movement process but the moment the athlete pauses before hitting the ball. The text and drawing are placed in a blue vertical rectangle with rounded corners.

Since the emblem appeared, many have asked the question: who is depicted on it? Different assumptions were made, including Jack Nicklaus, Tom Weiskopf, Johnny Miller, Ben Hogan, and Jerry Pate. But Art West revealed the secret, and the answer disappointed everyone. The logo contains a collective image: it is a fictional anonymous golfer. However, it should be admitted that Ben Hogan was chosen as a model for the pose. Beman used his photo as a template to draw an approximate sketch of the logo and show it to the Disney artists to finish the job.

For decades, minimal changes have been made to the PGA Tour graphic sign. This is a timeless symbol that represents the professionalism and skill of athletes, as well as expressing a love for golf.

Font and Colors

PGA Tour Emblem

The name of the sports organization is written in a font that resembles Clarendon Bold. This high-contrast font with rectangular serifs is an excellent choice for accent elements and has good readability. It has historical value and is associated with the traditions of typography, as it was developed in the 19th century.

PGA Tour Symbol

The current PGA Tour logo is painted in the same colors as the old shield-shaped logo: red, white, and blue. This combination was originally chosen to display patriotism to reflect the U.S. flag.