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Designers have proposed a superhero-style Robin logo for the collective image. And rightfully so, as he is a superhero – Batman’s sidekick, according to his creators’ concept. Therefore, the emblem is bright but minimalist. Thanks to the sharp angles, crisp lines, and diagonal oval, a hidden dynamism is felt in it.

Robin: Brand overview

Founded:April 1940
Founder:Bill Finger, Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson
United states
Robin is the pseudonym of several superheroes from DC Comics magazine. Characters under this name first appeared in the spring of 1940 – in issue 38 of the printed publication. The very first hero with this nickname was created by writer-screenwriter Bill Finger and artists Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson. He was created to support Batman. Together they form a tandem called the Dynamic Duo or Caped Crusaders. At that time, this helped the comic book magazine attract a young audience and increase the number of readers.

Meaning and History

Robin Logo History

To maintain interest in comics, publishers decided to introduce new images without removing the old ones. This would allow them to keep the attention of readers in two age categories at once. As a result, in the 38th issue of DC Comics (in April), Batman’s junior colleague first appeared, who also played the role of his assistant. He received positive feedback from experts and doubled sales.

From the very beginning, the new character had a bright sign in contrasting colors on his chest. It attracted attention and testified that a positive image was in front of the readers. Despite the existence of several similar heroes, they all wore a costume with the same symbol, which was common for them.

What is Robin?

Robin is the pseudonym of a group of positive characters from DC Comics. The first of them debuted in the April issue of 1940 (in the 38th) and was created as a sidekick for Batman. Together they form a team called the Caped Crusaders. Two artists (Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson) and one writer (Bill Finger) worked on the image.

Robin Symbol

The Robin logo is graphic. There is no text in it, as it does not carry any informational direction according to the plot. It merely denotes the character, as evidenced by the large “R” located in the center – the first letter of the superhero’s name. The glyph is massive, bold, and uppercase. It has no serifs – on the contrary, the ends of the legs are not widened but narrowed. They represent sharp spikes – especially at the bottom right. There is only a smooth stroke at the top element, which is always rounded.

The background for the letter with a black outline is a dark oval. And to make the colors not blend, be bright, and be easily visible, the artists used the contrast technique. As a result, the neon shade of yellow does indeed look impressive on a black background. The ellipse is placed at an angle. Therefore, the diagonal adds dynamics and internal energy to the symbol, which is very important for superhero comic characters. The edge of the oval is framed in a double border.

The peculiarity of this logo is its unity. It serves as a designation for several characters who have one common name. However, the pseudonym is not used in its full form – only as an initial. Moreover, the artists turned the letter into a graphic element, adding sharpness to it.

Font and Colors

Robin Emblem

The “R” in Robin’s emblem is done in a custom-designed font. It is more related to a drawing than typography, so it resembles a lightning bolt in appearance. The palette is saturated, bright, and contrasting to attract the attention of readers and instill fear in negative characters. The main colors are neon yellow and black. White is used as a background.

Robin color codes

YellowHex color:#ffff01
RGB:225 225 1
CMYK:0 0 100 0
Pantone:PMS 396 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C