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The elements of the emblem seem to increase in size before our eyes. The Tampax logo shows excellent absorbency and inspires confidence and calmness. The company’s products are reliable protection for any woman. No leaks or confusion!

Tampax: Brand overview

Founder:Procter & Gamble
United States
Tampax is a hygiene product developed in 1930 by Dr. Earle Haas. These are female biodegradable tampons previously produced by McCann Erickson, and since 1997 they have been produced by the American company Procter & Gamble.

Meaning and History

Tampax Logo History

The launch of hygiene products with an applicator took place in 1931. Since then, the trademark logo has changed several times. Its modern version is simple and understandable to read, not overloaded with details since it is already known in more than a hundred countries worldwide.

What is Tampax?

Tampax is an American brand of women’s hygiene tampons with applicators. It was founded in 1931 after Dr. Earle Haas received a patent for his invention. The brand is now owned by Procter & Gamble and is a subsidiary of Always P&G.

1990 – 2003

Tampax Logo 1990-2003

The emblem, made in large letters in upper case, dates back to this time. Some letters merge at the bottom – for example, “A” with “M” and “A” with “X.” That is, the inter-letter space is minimal, and the characters are very closely spaced.

2003 – today

Tampax Logo 2003-present

The changes made did not affect the logo’s overall design: the designers reduced the width of the signs, which made it lighter and lighter. The light was also added due to the blue color, which was replaced by blue.

Tampax: Interesting Facts

Tampax, a leading brand in women’s hygiene, has played a big role in evolving feminine care products since its start.

  1. Beginning with an Idea: In 1931, Dr. Earle Haas invented the first tampon with an applicator, inspired by a friend’s use of a sponge for menstrual care, aiming for a hygienic and discreet option.
  2. Women’s Leadership: Gertrude Tenderich bought the patent and started Tampax in 1936, turning tampons into a widely used product with her leadership.
  3. Innovative Design: Tampax’s original tampon design, featuring an applicator for cleaner insertion, has largely remained the same and is still popular.
  4. World War II Impact: Tampons became more common as women joined the workforce and military, with Tampax offering a reliable menstrual care option.
  5. Focus on Education: Tampax has been at the forefront of menstrual education, creating guides to help young women understand their bodies and encouraging open discussions on women’s health.
  6. Joining Procter & Gamble: In 1997, Tampax joined Procter & Gamble, benefiting from its wide distribution and marketing to strengthen its presence.
  7. Ongoing Innovation: Tampax keeps innovating, introducing products like {Pearl and Pure, catering to demands for smoother use and eco-friendly options.
  8. Challenging Taboos: Tampax has helped break the silence around menstruation, empowering women through marketing and advocating for menstrual equity and product access.
  9. Worldwide Influence: Available globally, Tampax is committed to providing feminine hygiene products to women everywhere.

Tampax’s journey from its 1930s invention to a globally recognized hygiene brand shows its lasting impact on women’s health and empowerment through innovation and education.

Font and Colors

Tampax Emblem

The main and only element of the logo is the word “Tampax.” It is located on a white background and takes up the entire space.

The brand name is in a serif typeface. It contains individual characters (or a mixture of several), which differ in their writing from the rest of the characters. In particular, the half-shaft “P” is not connected to the end with the lateral stroke. Therefore it looks like a pointed hook. The color scheme is simple: it includes white and blue.

Tampax color codes

Medium Teal BlueHex color:#0059b2
RGB:0 89 178
CMYK:100 50 0 30
Pantone:PMS 2935 C