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In navigation, the most important thing is to identify key waypoints that will form the basis of the route. The TomTom logo reflects this principle. At the same time, it looks global, as it is associated with the expanses of the planet.

TomTom: Brand overview

Founder:Harold Goddijn, Corinne Vigreux, Peter-Frans Pauwels, Pieter Geelen
De Ruijterkade, Amsterdam, Netherlands
TomTom is a Dutch brand specializing in the production of personal GPS devices, navigation equipment for cars, and other types of transport. It also manufactures consumer electronics, releasing PNDs with its maps and applications. It provides software for other manufacturers. The company was founded in 1991. Founders include Harold Goddijn, Corinne Vigreux, Peter-Frans Pauwels, and Peter Geelen. It is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Meaning and History

TomTom Logo History

TomTom wasn’t always called that – until 2001, it was known as Palmtop and used a logo with the corresponding inscription. Its main activity was the development of software applications for PDAs.

In 2001, the company entered the navigation device market and changed its name to TomTom. From that moment began the history of a series of emblems with the imprints of two palms – hinting that car GPS navigators allow keeping everything under control.

But the era of hands ended in 2022 when the company decided to create the first global map that would cover the entire planet and reflect real-time changes. Announcing its intention, TomTom introduced a new logo, which became the main marketing tool in the race for popularity. It contains a stylized pin – a symbol denoting a location on a map.

What is TomTom?

TomTom is a company that manufactures satellite navigation devices for various types of transport. These devices help navigate to destinations and provide information about road conditions. They are used in cars from popular manufacturers, including Mazda, Fiat Chrysler, and Toyota. In addition, TomTom develops online maps, software, GPS-supported sports watches, and action cameras.

1991 – 2001

Palmtop Software 1991

When TomTom bore its previous name, it had a completely different visual style, which was subsequently not adopted. Only the idea with palms was retained. They are clearly traced in the bold sidelines of the inverted arch. Such an element is located below and represents legs. In the middle of the upper arch is an oval. It has a wide ring and an empty center. Together, they depict a person holding a banner with the brand name above his head. The inscription consists of serif letters. The logo is in blue and white colors.

2001 – 2007

TomTom Logo 1991-2007

The brand’s logo is associated with its name and consists of two parts. The first is graphical, in the form of a picture. The second is textual. It contains only one word – “TOMTOM,” written in large, bold uppercase font. At the same time, the letters are reproduced as if they were lowercase. This is due to the fact that “m” has a streamlined shape without characteristic angles, and “o” looks the same in any position. The name is arranged in a line.

2007 – today

TomTom Logo 2007-present

The designers took the previous version as a basis and added a few new touches. They gave volume to the hands, reduced the thickness of the letters, and added a silver ball. According to the concept, this is planet Earth without identifying marks. TomTom guarantees that with its navigators, you can get to any point in the world, even without maps, and determine your location with its devices. The developers also removed the lowercase letters and replaced them with uppercase ones.

2019 – 2022

TomTom Logo 2019

This version retained the idea of combining lowercase and uppercase letters and left two red arrows superimposed on a white ball – the changes mainly concerned the three-dimensionality of the image. At the same time, everything else remained the same. The palms, printed on a light background, became two-dimensional: they became flat and simple.

2022 – today

TomTom Logo 2022

TomTom made minor changes to the logo, after which the ball disappeared. Therefore, the red arrows now seem suspended in the air, as they have lost their visual support. They form a semblance of a round object. Their arrangement evidences this.

The graphic part is a semi-transparent white ball with light gray-blue highlights on the edges. This stylistic trick makes it semi-transparent. Two hands are holding the ball (presumably, our planet). The Earth is in safe hands and is visible through, which corresponds to the manufacturer of GPS navigators. It also speaks of its global nature and high significance.

A classic color palette balances the creative icon. Black is used for the font, bright red for the arrows, and the globe itself is almost transparent gray. In some versions (depending on the place of use and purpose), the company’s slogan is present on the logo.

2022 – today

TomTom Logo

The caring hands holding an imaginary planet have gone into the past. The TomTom brand is now represented by a more business-like and pragmatic sign, unofficially called The Pin. This is because the two palms symbolize a navigator – a faithful assistant pointing in the direction. But the company changed its priorities, starting to develop a global map of the world, so it needed a new system of symbols.

The emblem is a stylized pin on the left side, a large dark red ring, and a small triangle. A similar icon is used in online maps to denote location. Of course, the logo’s creators did not have any specific place in mind. It’s rather an abstract destination that can be anywhere. To the right of the icon is the company’s name. Both parts of the word are translated into lowercase, as on the 2001 emblem. But now “tomtom” has a completely different design: the letters have a clear shape and original oblique cuts at the ends.

TomTom: Interesting Facts

TomTom is a company that makes it easier for people to find their way around using GPS technology. It started in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in 1991. At first, it was a small company making software, but now it’s known worldwide for its navigation and map products.

  1. Started in Amsterdam: In 1991, TomTom began as a tiny company making programs for handheld devices.
  2. First Navigation Device: In 2004, they made the TomTom GO, one of the first gadgets that let you take a GPS anywhere, making it simple for anyone to use.
  3. Maps and Traffic: TomTom doesn’t just make devices; it also creates detailed maps and provides up-to-date traffic information to help people navigate better.
  4. Self-Driving Cars: They’re working on technology for cars that drive themselves, using their maps and data to help these cars know where they are and make decisions.
  5. Sports Watches: In 2013, TomTom started making watches for running, cycling, and swimming, which help track your exercise and health.
  6. Working with Big Companies: TomTom works with big tech and car companies to put their maps and navigation tools in many places, including Apple’s maps and cars’ built-in navigation systems.
  7. Eco-Friendly Directions: They offer routes that use less fuel and release fewer pollutants, helping the environment.
  8. Traffic Reports: TomTom’s Global Traffic Index provides information about traffic in cities worldwide, helping to understand and manage congestion.
  9. Celebrity Voices: For a fun twist, you can get directions from the voices of famous people and characters, like Darth Vader or Burt Reynolds.
  10. More Than Devices: While it started with physical products, TomTom has focused more on software and services, especially real-time maps, traffic information, and online navigation for cars and other applications.

TomTom has played a big role in improving navigation technology, helping people get where they’re going more easily, and working on future transportation advancements.

Font and Colors

TomTom Symbol

Until 2022, the brand name was written in a font with rounded corners. Its closest analog is Arista 2.0, devised by Francesco Canovaro. An alternative option is Majel Bold, which is inspired by Art Deco-style book titles.

TomTom Symbol

After the 2022 redesign, a custom font started being used in the logo. It’s similar to the free YagiUhfNo2 Regular by ClaudeP. They perfectly combine round “o” letters and an unconventional “m,” lacking a stroke in the upper left corner. But both “t”s of TomTom have sharp cuts at the ends, making them unique. The brand name is translated into lowercase – another difference from the previous word mark.

TomTom Emblem

The palette is represented by just three colors: red (#DF1B12), white (#FFFFFF), and black (#000000). It’s a classic, no-fail combination that attracts attention. The Dutch company has been using it for over 20 years.

TomTom color codes

Vivid RedHex color:#ff151f
RGB:255 21 31
CMYK:0 92 88 0
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Silver SandHex color:#c2c0c4
RGB:194 192 196
CMYK:1 2 0 23
Pantone:PMS 428 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C