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The designers who created the Topgolf logo depicted a stylized golf hole with a flag. They surrounded it with concentric rings of quadrilaterals to show the use of high technology on the playing fields.

Topgolf: Brand overview

Founder:Steve Jolliffe, Dave Jolliffe, Mark Murray, Barry Cumbie
Dallas, Texas, United States
Topgolf sports and entertainment venues are located in the UK, UAE, Mexico, Germany, Canada, Australia, and the USA. They are not like ordinary practice fields. These are massive three-story complexes where you can play golf, enjoy delicious food, and take in picturesque views. The main feature of Topgolf is the microchips embedded in the balls. Thanks to them, the system determines how successful the shot was and awards the corresponding number of points.

Meaning and History

Topgolf Logo History

Twins Dave and Steve Jolliffe were the first to decide to use modern technology for playing golf. In 2000, they built the first Topgolf venue, named after the phrase “Target Oriented Practice Golf.” The idea of embedding contactless radio tags into balls initially did not find much support. But the brothers did not give up: they managed to find investors and expand their business, opening new locations in different countries.

The entire visual identity of the progressive sports and entertainment company is built around the logo. It adorns advertising signs, building facades, and interior elements and, in most cases, is decorated with bright backlighting. This symbol has not changed for many years, except for a minor adjustment made in 2014.

What is Topgolf?

Topgolf is an American company specializing in sports entertainment. Its trade name is Topgolf Entertainment Group. It is a subsidiary of golf equipment manufacturer Topgolf Callaway Brands Corp. Their merger was completed in 2021.

2000 – 2014

Topgolf Logo 2000

The emblem features a large triangular shield with rounded sides. Designers used negative space to depict a small flag inside, which is placed in the hole, and two concentric rings made of bent quadrilaterals. These elements are colored in gray with a gradient, and the inner part of the shield is white. The shield is outlined with a double border and a gray shadow along its entire contour. At the bottom, the word “TopGolf” is written with all white letters and a semi-transparent gray border.

2014 – today

Topgolf Logo

After the redesign, the shield remained white, and the other elements of the emblem, including the letters, became dark gray. The gradient disappeared. Moreover, the designers slightly changed the shape of the flag and the size of the quadrilaterals that form the two rings around it. The inscription was also updated: now, all glyphs are in uppercase and designed with a bold italic font.

The Topgolf symbol demonstrates the high-tech nature of the golf playgrounds. This is hinted at by the futuristic rings around the hole, which resemble elements from a computer game. The coat of arms shield is used as the traditional basis for many sports logos.

Font and Colors

Topgolf Emblem

Previously, the Topgolf name was written in a grotesque, geometric font of rounded shape. In 2014, the team of graphic designers at Public created a new custom font for the company’s logo. In this version, all letters have square outlines. Glyphs are uppercase, bold, and italic. Both the wordmark and the emblem are presented in dark gray color. Meanwhile, the empty part of the shield is painted white.

Topgolf Symbol

Topgolf color codes

Dark CharcoalHex color:#292929
RGB:41 41 41
CMYK:0 0 0 84
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C