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Utah Jazz Logo

Utah Jazz Logo
Utah Jazz Logo PNG

Salt Lake City was founded by Mormons – adherents of the strictest religion. They once admitted polygamy and didn’t respect black people. Mormons still wear special underwear to protect them from sin. As you might guess, this city has instantly become the world’s capital of jazz music.

Of course, the team’s name has nothing to do with Salt Lake and the state of Utah. But it was based in the glorious city of New Orleans, which is famous in the jazzmen community. The team was created there in 1974, and its prominent violet-yellow-green colors originated in this place. The great Pete Maravich, known by his nickname Pistol Pete, looked great in this form for all five years that were devoted to the New Orleans Jazz team.

Utah Jazz emblem

In 1979, Jazzmen shocked their fans by their decision to move to Salt Lake City. At that time, there was a much smaller market than in New Orleans. Much to the resentment of Louisiana, the owner of the club left the name Jazz, despite its utter irrelevance in the church-hymn country of Mormons. So Jazz was stolen by white people from blacks, as they also stole Jazz from them in their time.

In Utah, the emblem and colors weren’t changed, although the uniform for outside matches was made green. In 1984, with the arrival of John Stockton, the best midfielder in the history of the NBA, purple got the primary color’s status. Also, designers added the inscription “Utah” to the T-shirt.

In the 90s, Utah lost its mind in clothes models of that time and paired the color purple with greenish-blue, bronze, and black. The Utah Jazz emblem got one more item depicted – the mountains.

Utah Jazz symbol

In 2004, Jazz changed the colors to blue and white. Probably these colors were preferred by Andrei Kirilenko, born in St. Petersburg. The form, both basic and alternative, became much simpler. However, this experiment did not last long. Utah returned to basics – yellow and green were chosen again (but with dark blue instead of purple), and the original emblem was returned to the chest, too. Speaking about the main logo, it remained the same, having only got the second repaint in for its existence.

Utah Jazz logo history

Utah Jazz Logo History
Utah Jazz Logo Evolution

Utah originally got the emblem of the team from New Orleans. It was a note. But later, another non-musical emblem was adopted – mountains. In the history of its existence, the state of Utah’s basketball club changed six logos, and the very first and now existing ones are not much different. The main colors for the Utah Jazz logo are dark blue, dark green, and yellow.

1975 – 1979

New Orleans Jazz Logo 1975-1979

1975 was the first year of Utah JAZZ’s existence. The famous basketball team was born in the center of the jazz industry – in New Orleans. The logo’s main symbol was the first letter of the word “Jazz” – “J.” It resembles the eighth musical note and also forms a ball at the base. The word “Jazz” is completely made in a dark purple color. Above it, there was a low-key black inscription, “New Orleans.”

1980 – 1996

Utah Jazz Logo 1980-1996

After four years, the club moved from New Orleans to Salt Lake City. For the next 16 years, the logo hasn’t changed very much. The team only changed the city name to the state name – “Utah,” making it purple instead of black.

1997 – 2004

Utah Jazz Logo 1997-2004

During this period, the logo was changed radically. First of all, the colors of the team were changed entirely – copper, blue, and purple ones became the main. In the background, there was a circular Utah Jazz logo with a thick copper outline, with purple snow-covered mountains inside. Mountains top gently led to a ball. Also, the “Utah” inscription was added at the top in purple color. It was made over the logo in huge letters.

2005 – 2010

Utah Jazz Logo 2005-2010

Five subsequent seasons from 2005 to 2010, the team used the previous logo, but entirely in blue. The color of the mountains was changed to dark purple, the inscription “Utah” became silver, and the word “Jazz” got a completely pale blue tone.

2010 – 2015

Utah Jazz Logo 2010-2015

The logo of basketball players remained the same after five years, but due to the replacement of colors, it became creative and catchy. The word “JAZZ” was made white with a yellow border. In the background, the mountains acquired a green color. The inscription of the state also changed color, becoming white, which made it stand out well against a blue background.

2015 – Present

Utah Jazz Logo 2016-Present

In 2015, team owners pleased fans by returning the old logo, which reminds of the first years of Utah JAZZ team existence in Louisiana. Club owners determined the primary colors – dark blue, green, and yellow. Talented designers improved the graphics and replaced the colors. The famous letter “J,” resembling a note, however, like the whole word “JAZZ,” was made in dark blue with a green shadow. Also, they painted a basketball ball in green and yellow colors. The name of the state was left above the word “JAZZ,” giving it a deep blue shade.