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Air Vegas: Brand overview

Air Vegas, a regional airline based in North Las Vegas, Nevada, served domestic routes in the western United States from the 1970s until 2004. The airline’s fleet consisted primarily of turboprop airplanes, particularly the Beechcraft 1900 model. Air Vegas was instrumental in expanding service to major U.S. airlines such as United Airlines, Northwest Airlines, and US Airways Express through feeder service and codeshare agreements.

North Las Vegas Airport was Air Vegas’ primary operating hub. This strategic location provided convenient connections to Las Vegas and other destinations in the western United States, which helped strengthen the company’s position in the regional airline industry.

However, the inability to secure a new contract for Essential Air Service led to the company’s termination in September 2004. During its heyday in the 1990s, Air Vegas had a fleet of seven airplanes and successfully transported more than 100,000 passengers per year. Despite its successes, the airline experienced financial difficulties throughout its existence, which eventually led to its closure after more than three decades.

Prior to deregulation, Air Vegas played a critical role in the airline industry. It provided connectivity on feeder routes and handled baggage transfers on behalf of major airlines under current regulations.

Meaning and History

Air Vegas Logo History

1971 – 2004

Air Vegas Logo

An airline based in North Las Vegas made the word “Vegas” the centerpiece of its logo. The word is written diagonally in an illegible font that mimics jagged handwriting. The first letter, “V,” shaped like a check mark, is separated from the subsequent letter “e,” which resembles a mirrored inverted number “3”. The bright red letters have blue shadows, making them look like elements of neon advertising. In the upper left corner is the word “AIR” with thin elongated serifs. The design of the word “AIRLINES” in the opposite corner is completely different: it is in sans-serif font with uniform stroke thickness.

The choice of neon font for the word “Vegas” speaks of the city’s vibrant nightlife and entertainment industry. Various design elements – illegible handwriting, aesthetics of neon signs, contrasting fonts – give the logo a dynamic and eclectic feel. This complex combination helps capture the essence of North Las Vegas, known for its lively atmosphere and diverse attractions.