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Air Vegas: Brand overview

On May 7, 1971, Sid E. Petty founded Air Vegas in North Las Vegas, Nevada. He saw a need for affordable air travel between Nevada’s big casino cities, Las Vegas and Reno, and smaller cities in the West. To meet this need, Petty started the airline with four propeller planes, including the Convair 240 and Douglas DC-3, each seating up to 50 passengers.

Air Vegas took off on its first flight from North Las Vegas to Albany, Oregon, on September 15, 1971. The airline quickly grew, adding more flights to serve residents in neighboring states like California, Arizona, Utah, Oregon, and Idaho. By 1975, Air Vegas was flying to 12 major routes and had even added a Boeing 737-200 jet to its fleet.

The 1980s were a successful time for Air Vegas, with about 90 weekly flights across 22 routes in six states and a fleet of nine Boeing 737-200 jets. However, the mid-1980s brought challenges, such as rising fuel prices and increased competition, which hurt the airline’s profits. The management tried to cut costs and find investors, but these efforts didn’t work, and the airline had to reduce its fleet and number of routes.

By the 1990s, Air Vegas only operated six routes with two aircraft. In September 2004, due to ongoing financial problems and safety issues, U.S. aviation authorities revoked Air Vegas’s license. The airline made its last flight on September 20, 2004, from North Las Vegas to Hills, California, ending operations after 33 years.

The founder, Sid E. Petty, died in 2005, one year after the airline closed. Despite the tough final years, his legacy lives on as a pioneer in regional aviation. Air Vegas is remembered for its significant role in making air travel accessible and promoting regional growth across the Western United States.

Meaning and History

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What is Air Vegas?

It is a small charter airline based in Las Vegas, Nevada, specializing in providing luxurious and personalized charter flights for affluent individuals and high-end travelers. The company operates an exclusive fleet of private aircraft, including business jets and turboprop planes, equipped with top-tier amenities and elegant interiors to ensure unparalleled comfort and luxury.

1971 – 2004

Air Vegas Logo

An airline based in North Las Vegas made the word “Vegas” the centerpiece of its logo. The word is written diagonally in an illegible font that mimics jagged handwriting. The first letter, “V,” shaped like a check mark, is separated from the subsequent letter “e,” which resembles a mirrored inverted number “3”. The bright red letters have blue shadows, making them look like elements of neon advertising. In the upper left corner is the word “AIR” with thin elongated serifs. The word “AIRLINES” design in the opposite corner is completely different: it is in sans-serif font with uniform stroke thickness.

The choice of neon font for the word “Vegas” speaks of the city’s vibrant nightlife and entertainment industry. Various design elements – illegible handwriting, aesthetics of neon signs, contrasting fonts – give the logo a dynamic and eclectic feel. This complex combination helps capture the essence of North Las Vegas, known for its lively atmosphere and diverse attractions.