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The airBaltic logo is a simple yet effective symbol that reflects the company’s values, commitment to safety, and innovation.
The airBaltic company name is written in dark blue, which symbolizes professionalism, trust, and reliability. It reflects the company’s desire for maximum reliability and quality of its services.

The combination of the letters “air” and “Baltic” in the logo reminds us that airBaltic is an air carrier that provides its services in the Baltic region. The word “air” is written with a small letter, emphasizing the company’s availability and friendliness. The word “Baltic” is written with a capital letter, which indicates the company’s pride in its location and history.

Sometimes the logo is placed on a bright light green background, which adds brightness and dynamism to the logo design. This symbolizes the company’s commitment to modernity.

Overall, the airBaltic emblem is a simple and effective symbol that reflects the company’s values, including professionalism, accessibility, and pride in its location.

AirBaltic: Brand overview

Founded: 28 August 1995
Founder: Government of Latvia
Mārupe municipality, Latvia

Meaning and History

AirBaltic Logo History

1995 – 2004

Air Baltic Logo 1995

2004 – today

airBaltic Logo

AirBaltic color codes

Space Cadet Hex color: #162549
RGB: 22 37 73
CMYK: 70 49 0 71
Pantone: PMS 2767 C