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Berrylook: Brand overview

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Hong Kong, China, Berrylook entered the digital market as a provider of women’s fashion. Just a year after its founding, the company expanded its horizons by offering apparel as well as shoes, bags, décor and other accessories.

By 2019, realizing the need for efficient delivery of goods to Asia, the company opened a distribution center in Hong Kong. The following year marked its entry into the international arena: specialized platforms were developed for American and European consumers, providing delivery of products directly from regional warehouses.

The year 2021 was a landmark year for Berrylook. With an influx of tactical investments, the company successfully raised $15 million in Series A funding, a significant boost to its international expansion goals. In parallel, the company expanded its digital presence by engaging with audiences on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. In addition, the company utilized collaborations with influencers to strengthen the resonance of its brand.

In 2022, the company proudly announced its services to more than 5 million consumers worldwide. An expanded network of more than a thousand brand affiliates delivered products to more than a hundred countries. As Berrylook enters 2023, the company remains steadfast in its plans. Its commitment to offering modern and budget-friendly fashion to young women is evident. By emphasizing leveraging the power of social commerce, the company has set its sights on further expanding into new markets.

Meaning and History

Berrylook Logo History

What is Berrylook?

Since its founding in 2017, BerryLook has been operating as a respected global online retailer offering a wide range of fashion apparel such as dresses, tops, swimwear, and swimwear. The company strives to provide affordable and quality fashion trends to customers around the world. With a wide range of products covering the latest styles, you are sure to find the perfect piece to showcase your style.

2017 – today

Berrylook Logo

The Berrylook logo is a light, sprawling, hand-drawn signature. The bold font with looping glyphs is truly elegant: it adds incredible charm to the visual appearance of the online store of fashionable women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. The handwritten emblem feels like a quick note on the margins of a notepad, like a reminder to shop. The line is arranged diagonally, which gives it some zest. All letters are lowercase, sans serifs, and in dark blue.

The logo is a quick scribble from a fashionista’s diary. It reads, “Hey, don’t forget to treat yourself today!” but doesn’t say that. The dark blue color makes the logo stylish but, at the same time, keeps it relaxed. This is the kind of logo you can draw while dreaming of your next shopping spree.

Berrylook color codes

Dark Navy BlueHex color:#000048
RGB:0 0 72
CMYK:100 100 0 72
Pantone:PMS 273 C