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The Browning logo symbolizes high mountains, fast rivers, and impenetrable forests. The emblem indicates the protective equipment that is necessary for hiking in nature. In the store, you can find everything necessary for a tourist and a hunter from A to Z.

Browning: Brand overview

Founder:brothers John Moses Browning and Matthew Sandefur Browning
Morgan, Utah, United States
Browning is a trademark owned by an American company that sells fishing tackle, special equipment, firearms, and everything related. It offers shotguns, pistols, rifles, safes, fishing rods, bicycles, knives, reels, bows, and more. The year of its origin is 1878. The place of origin is the city of Ogden, Utah state. The original name is John Moses and Matthew Sandefur Browning Company, consisting of the first and last names of the founders. At this time, the company is part of the FN Herstal holding and is its subsidiary.

Meaning and History

Browning Logo History

The organization’s primary task was to promote the development of the sport of the inventor of firearms. The Browning brothers (John Moses and Matthew Sandefur) opened a shop selling non-military goods of their manufacture to maintain their technical skill and find a practical use for it. It was John Browning, who is recognized as the key and most prolific weapons developer, to innovate. Almost all of the products were produced by other licensed manufacturers. Among them are such iconic companies as FN Herstal, Miroku, Remington, Colt, Winchester.

In the 20th century, the company greatly expanded its range. So, in 1968, hunting and fishing ammunition appeared on the list of products. Special emphasis was placed on footwear of a special design. It was produced and sold through third-party enterprises until 2001. Then the brand agreed with the HH Brown Shoe Company to produce ankle boots, mountain boots, rubber boots, and leather boots.

What is Browning?

Browning is a brand of firearms manufactured by the Browning Arms Company. In addition to pistols, rifles, and shotguns, the company produces hunting knives, shoes, bicycles, sports bows, fishing reels, fishing rods, and other products for outdoor activities. Herstal Group SA currently owns the brand.

At the same time, the brand introduced two lines of edged weapons – folding knives and knives with a fixed blade. Over the years, the lineup has expanded, and the company has joined the American Bladesmith Society. But she is mostly known for her eponymous firearm. Moreover, the logo affixed to it has never changed – it still exists unchanged and is widely recognized worldwide.

The creator of the brand identity is Art Director Don Bailey. Today the symbol he invented is called Buckmark. The emblem features an outline deer head with branched antlers, which underlines the company’s focus on the hunting industry. The author chose this image for several reasons:

  1. The state of Utah, where the firearms manufacturer comes from, has many deer.
  2. This is a valuable fishing object, which is a great success to get.
  3. There is something noble about these animals that sets them apart from other big game.

Browning Symbol

The logo first appeared on the cover of the Centennial Catalog, which a year later featured at Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade. The deer depicted on it is made in a single wide line. There is only a start point and an endpoint of the image in the picture. The stripe confidently passes from the animal’s neck to the ear, horns, and muzzle, clearly highlighting every detail. Thanks to this technique, not one deer are represented on the emblem, but two: the outer one, indicated by a black outline, is a male, and a white female is visible in the negative space.

To the right of the icon is the name of the company in the corporate design. The word is in a geometric serif typeface. They are very wide, large, and more like rectangles. Thanks to the increased size, the serifs balance out the massive antlers well and prevent the inscriptions from getting lost in their background. The first and last letters are larger than the others, although they are all uppercase.

Font and Colors

Browning Emblem

The developer used the LHF Full Block typeface for the text part – bold, even, strict, where each letter is framed with very large serifs. The “O” is in the shape of a vertical rectangle with corners cut off. The author of the font is Chuck Davis. The first publisher is Letterhead Fonts.

The logo’s color scheme is monochrome and consists of a combination of black elements on a white background, which emphasizes the seriousness of the company and its products.

Browning color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C

What does the Browning symbol mean?

The logo, known as the Browning Buckmark, resembles the silhouette of a deer. The abstract image of a mule deer was created for embroidery on clothes but later became the hallmark of the entire company. Bailey, who came up with the design, imagined a mossy deer walking away from the hunter and turning around for a short while. It is a symbol of nature and a western one – it emphasizes the western origins of Browning.

Who designed the Browning logo?

Don Bailey developed the original Browning Buckmark. He served as Art Director for Mountain Green Advertising, established by Browning in Salt Lake City. In addition, David Zeigler, a former advertising manager, contributed greatly to the creation and distribution of the logo.