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The ClassDojo logo conveys an atmosphere of casualness and fun. The emblem demonstrates that it’s possible to discuss official matters informally simply by using the resource it represents. The symbol also shows the convenience of choice, the comfort of interaction, and a focus on a child audience.

ClassDojo: Brand overview

Founded:August 2011
Founder:Sam Chaudhary, Liam Don
San Francisco, U.S.

ClassDojo is the name of a company that deals with educational technologies and its app and website where children and their parents communicate with teachers. The service was launched in 2011 and founded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. It has received many international awards, including the TechCrunch Crunchie Award in 2014. A year earlier, the business magazine Fast Company included the developer of the educational environment in the top 10 innovative educational companies in the world.

Meaning and History

ClassDojo Logo History

To improve the situation around the educational process, simplify it, and show children’s current achievements in school, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don created a special project. It evolved into an independent company that now owns the eponymous website and app. Their identity is related to supporting the target audience and indicating the basic element of any educational institution – the class.

The evolution of visual identity moved from a simple form to a complex one, where drawing and text were successfully combined. The emblem has its own mood, which positively affects users. The modern icon supports a relaxed atmosphere, inspires trust, and brings positive emotions. Balanced colors harmoniously complement the emblem.

What is ClassDojo?

ClassDojo is an American company that founded an educational web service with the same name, which has turned into a global community. Based on the project, it is now a communication platform that allows parents and children to communicate with teachers. Through it, they interact with each other, study, develop, transmit current data, complete tasks, and receive important information, remarks, and characteristics.

2011 – 2015

ClassDojo Logo 2011

The ClassDojo logo features an original inscription divided into two levels. The first is the upper one, consisting of the word “CLASS,” and the second is the lower one, where the remaining part of the name is located. Both texts are set in an individual bold font with capital letters. The glyph format is far from a classic, hinting at an individual approach to students. Each character has a duplicating shadow. It is wide in some places and narrow in others, but it is present at all angles. The two elements are separated by a light blue construction, drawn with a single continuous line. It has the shape of a pedestal or trapezoid without a lower boundary.

2015 – today

ClassDojo Logo

The prevailing mood of the emblem is upbeat and cheerful. This is evidenced by the use of the company’s mascot – Mojo. The joyful character raises his hands in a welcoming gesture so that every participant of the communication platform gets in a positive mood. It is a green creature with a black bandana on its head. It happily exclaims something, opening its mouth wide, revealing white teeth and a pink tongue. All details are rounded to avoid sharp angles. There are no sharp angles, even on the triangular elements: improvised arms and a strand of “hair” sticking out on the top of the head. The background is a blue circle. To the right is the strict name of the educational internet community.

Font and Colors

ClassDojo Emblem

The ClassDojo logo at different times consisted of two types of typefaces. The first one is individual, with boldness and shadows, figurative and complex, with typical notches. The second one is a print, chiseled, semi-bold, business-like, and restrained, contrasting with the playful character. It resembles the Stem Medium font from ParaType studio.

The visual identity palette is also contrasting. It includes opposite colors: black, gray, and white, which sharply differ from green, blue, and pink. Such diversity demonstrates the difference in emotions of all participants in the educational process – children, parents, and teachers.

ClassDojo Symbol

ClassDojo color codes

Jet BlackHex color:#373736
RGB:55 55 54
CMYK:0 0 2 78
Pantone:PMS 447 C