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Using the company’s organic products guarantees customers the strength to climb mountains and life’s peaks. The Clif Bar logo is an energy charge that encourages owners to develop a healthy nutrition movement.

Clif Bar: Brand overview

Founded: 1992
Founder: Gary Erickson and Lisa Thomas
Emeryville, California, United States
Clif Bar & Company is a private American company that professes the principles of organic, natural, and healthy food. Cliff uses renewable energy, organic packaging, natural ingredients, and sustainable transportation to deliver products. The company offers bars for active women (LUNA Bar), men (CLIF Bar), and children (CLIF Kid Zbar), drinks, cereals, fruit products, and energy gels, which are sold in 20 countries. Husband and wife Erickson/Crawford own the company. They own 80% of the shares. In addition to Clif Bar & Company, the couple founded a family venture fund, is engaged in the conservation of species diversity of agricultural crops and the selection of organic crops, has its winery and bakery.

Meaning and History

Clif Bar Symbol

The idea for the company came during a bike ride in 1990 with one of the participants – Gary Erickson. Not a single candy bar he bought for a cycling race met his need for good nutrition and healthy and safe ingredients. And he decided to develop his version. The products of the new company, as planned, were intended for athletes to give them strength and energy. In 1991, Erickson introduced bars in three flavors – Double Chocolate, Apricot, and Date Oatmeal. The product was named after Gary’s father, Clifford. In the first year of sales, Erickson earned 700 thousand dollars, and his income doubled every year. The global promotion of healthy eating facilitated this.

The company’s main mission is to provide consumers with a safe, healthy, and completely natural product. “We produce the food we would like to eat,” the website says.

What is Clif Bar?

Clif Bar is an American company based in Emeryville, California. It appeared in 1992 thanks to the idea of ​​Gary Erickson and Kit Crawford – its co-founders and leaders. The same name is given to the trademark under which healthy, energy-rich, and natural products are produced. These include bars, cereals, drinks, and more. The Clif Bar logo is known in the 20 countries where these products are supplied.

The company acquired its present name Clif Bar in 1997. In addition to the name, the word “clif” refers to a cliff that is formed on a high bank under the influence of the surf. And the bar is a strip of shallows along the coast, created by marine sediments. Therefore, the company’s name symbolizes the constant struggle on the example of the majestic elements of nature (earth and water). Forging a new path is not easy. Creating something worthwhile useful requires effort overcoming difficulties, and this is what the company logo shows.

The emblem fully reflects the company’s ideas: struggle, the way up and forward through difficulties, naturalness, and energy. It has a square shape – a sign of balance and balance. In the square is the inscription CLIF. The capitalized name letters are written in large bold, showing reliability, strength, and leadership. The location of the inscription is vertical, like an upward movement. Next to it is a white triangle – the tip of a road sign. The verbal symbol complements the visual sign – a rock climber desperately climbing to the top to the level of the upper letter of the word Cliff. This indicates products for athletes and an image of the company achieving its own goals, a high bar set for itself.

Clif is specifically looking for environmentally friendly products worldwide and then uses them for his production. Since 2001, CLIF Bar has been moving towards zero waste, which is already 90% achieved. All employees themselves propose projects to improve the environment and the life of the surrounding community and then implement them. Volunteer work occurs during working hours and is paid for by the company. Over 12 years, $60 million has been invested by the firm in charitable projects.

On the square above is the full name of Clif Bar & Company. It seems to be based on the company’s values and beliefs.

Sometimes a company uses a “shortened” version of the logo: just a vertical name on a red background or a name on a red background with the horizontal word Bar added at the bottom. This version contains the same idea of ​​movement and energy.

Font and Colors

Clif Bar Emblem

The logo combines red, white, black, and brown. The white color of the letters is the idea of purity and naturalness, high light goals. The red background under the inscription and the red name of the company is an indicator of energy, overcoming difficulties, love for your work. The black stroke and lines are the bars to be reached and a symbol of focus and effort. The brown color of the rocks is the experience that the company gains along the way. The font is similar to Gill Sans Ultra Bold Condensed in various weights or Proxima Nova.

Clif Bar color codes

Neon Red Hex color: #ff2e1e
RGB: 255 46 30
CMYK: 0 82 88 0
Pantone: PMS 172 C
Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C
Almond Hex color: #ebd2c6
RGB: 235 210 198
CMYK: 0 11 16 8
Pantone: PMS 489 C
Desert Sand Hex color: #dcc1a8
RGB: 220 192 168
CMYK: 0 12 24 14
Pantone: PMS 4675 C
Almond Frost Hex color: #9c8875
RGB: 156 136 117
CMYK: 0 13 25 39
Pantone: PMS 4725 C
Middle Blue Hex color: #5cd8f8
RGB: 92 216 248
CMYK: 63 13 0 3
Pantone: PMS 3115 C

What is the meaning of the Clif Bar Logo?

The Clif Bar logo stands for strength, endurance, and the will to win, achieved through natural products with sufficient energy levels. This is expressed in the name: ‘Clif’ - a coastal high rock formed by the surf, ‘Bar’ - shallows along the coast formed by water sediments. That is, the brand emblem means continuous opposition to the elements of nature, overcoming difficulties in order to achieve the main goal - health and well-being.

What does the logo symbolize Clif Bar Logo?

Since the acquisition of the current name (1997), the private food processing company has received a new emblem. Since the company is engaged in producing products to maintain energy balance, the Clif Bar logo symbolizes an active lifestyle based on a healthy diet. He conveys its key values: a stubborn struggle against the elements, the mobilization of internal reserves, and moving forward, despite the difficulties.

Who is the guy on the cliff bar?

The Clif Bar logo is supposed to be professional rock climber Tommy Caldwell. He is an excellent specialist because his love for the mountains came to him at the age of three when his father took him with him to Twin Owls on Lumpy Ridge.

What mountain is on the Clif Bar logo?

What mountain is depicted on the emblem of Clif Bar is not known for certain. But in 2018, Reddit user AnGabhaDubhon reported that he found the place that is featured on the brand’s label. According to commentators, these are the Superstition Mountains, located near Phoenix, Arizona.

Where was the Clif Bar picture taken?

In 2018, a user named AnGabhaDubhon shared a photo on the Reddit online community that allegedly depicts a mountain from the Clif Bar logo. He took the picture in the state of Arizona - in the vicinity of the city of Phoenix. As commentators suggest, it depicts the Superstition Mountains.

Who invented the Clif Bar?

This bar was invented by Gary Erickson, and then he founded the company that began to produce it. The epiphany came to him in the difficult conditions of a 175-mile bike ride. To maintain the body and charge of vivacity, Gary took with him six energy bars, which were available at that time on the market. But they turned out to be indigestible, sticky, and unpleasant in taste. Then the idea came to him to release his own product. As a result, the Clif Bar brand and logo appeared.

Why is it called a Clif Bar?

Gary Erickson’s father’s name is Clifford, which is why the company’s founder is believed to have named his brand after him. At the same time, the word ‘Clif’ means a high coastal cliff, and ‘Bar’ - a shallow on the coast, formed by marine sediments. That is, the emblem reflects the eternal opposition of a person to the elements of nature, for which he needs strength and a powerful charge of vivacity, which a branded bar gives. Confirmation of this theory is in the Clif Bar logo itself.