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Gearbest: Brand overview

In 2013, Jonathan D. Magasanic laid the foundation for Gearbest, an e-commerce giant based in China. Conceived as a bridge between Chinese manufacturers and global consumers, Gearbest initially focused on offering budget electronic gadgets and tools. Over time, the platform has expanded its horizons into other product segments.

A critical aspect of Gearbest’s strategy has been the creation of a strong global logistics network, including warehouses and fulfillment centers designed to expedite the delivery of goods around the world. Evolving alliances with numerous factories and suppliers throughout China complemented this network, ensuring a steady flow of inventory.

As the company grew, its catalog expanded to include home goods, sports equipment, automotive accessories, apparel and more. Recognizing the importance of customer trust, Gearbest introduced strict quality assurance measures, setting parameters for its suppliers and emphasizing a commitment to product integrity.

By 2020, the company has achieved significant success with over 60 million customers worldwide. Despite the constant introduction of new products, affordability remains the cornerstone of its value proposition.

Despite being considered one of China’s leading e-commerce giants with a global reach, Gearbest has had to face some challenges, particularly with customer interaction and product quality verification. Nevertheless, Gearbest remains the main distribution channel for cost-effective Chinese goods on the global stage.

Meaning and History

Gearbest Logo History

What is Gearbest?

Founded in 2013, Gearbest is a leading global online marketplace offering a wide range of state-of-the-art electronics, innovative gadgets and fashion apparel, providing customers around the world with a comprehensive shopping experience. The company’s global presence with warehouses on different continents ensures fast and reliable delivery of goods worldwide, prioritizing customer satisfaction and quality regardless of geographical distance.

before 2019

Gearbest Logo before 2019

2019 – today

Gearbest Logo

This online digital store is friendly to its customers, which is why its logo features a sincere smile. The smile is drawn with a single line, the right corner of which is slightly bent, making it look like an inverted “G” from the brand’s name. The background is a square of warm yellow color with rounded corners. Thanks to this, the black line on such a surface is perceived positively. Under it is the name of the site, written in a smooth font, which also has no corners either inside or outside. The letters are mostly lowercase and have a simple, unadorned style.

The logo is very eye-catching. The warm yellow square brings to mind thoughts of sunshine or cozy plaid. The inverted letter “G” is a clever touch, as if winking, making you think about the brand. The font is relaxed and casual.

Gearbest color codes

GoldHex color:#fdd901
RGB:253 217 1
CMYK:0 14 100 1
Pantone:PMS 109 C
BlackHex color:#040404
RGB:4 4 4
CMYK:0 0 0 98
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C