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Goodyear logo is iconic and light. It evokes associations with motion and draws an analogy with footwear for wheels. The emblem looks harmonious and well-thought-out, presenting the manufacturer as a professional friend to car enthusiasts.

Goodyear: Brand overview

Founded:August 29, 1898
Founder:Frank Seiberling
Akron, Ohio, U.S.

Goodyear is an American manufacturer of rubber products, primarily tires and tubes. The company’s turnover is around $17.5 billion. It operates 47 factories in 20 countries, employing 62,000 workers. The company actively engages in research and development in its field and has registered 12,000 patents for inventions.

Meaning and History

Goodyear Logo History

Since its first logo, the company has created a suitable visual and auditory sequence to be memorable and stand out among competitors. Therefore, each subsequent rebranding is focused on its design embodiment: fonts, color schemes, etc. All logos evoke the right associations with speed, lightness, and the history of rubber development. Adding words associated with high quality to the name helps build customer trust.

What is Goodyear?

An American corporation with a net profit of $760 million, specializing in automotive tires for equipment, aircraft, trucks, and passenger cars. In addition to the Goodyear brand, it produces goods under the brands Dunlop, Sava, and Kelly. The headquarters is located in Akron.

1898 – 1930

Goodyear Logo 1898

The company’s first logo consists of a name and a symbol that has become the manufacturer’s calling card.

The word Goodyear has two meanings, and both work in favor of the company.

  1. Charles Goodyear was an American inventor who contributed to the emergence and improvement of rubber products. He discovered the process of rubber vulcanization. His findings and developments are the basis for the industrial production of automobile and bicycle tires. Therefore, choosing the name of the inventor as the name of a company working with rubber is very symbolic.
  2. In the emblem, the word is divided into two parts: “Good” and “year.” The phrase acts as a mantra, the constant repetition of which leads to movement in the desired direction. Thanks to the name, every year is a good year for the manufacturer. For buyers, the expression creates a connection: Goodyear tires will allow excellent driving all year round. The phrase also reminds drivers who have purchased rubber from the manufacturer of a good year and the desire to meet again in the next one.

Hermes’ foot was chosen as the symbol – a deity from Greek mythology. As a messenger of the gods, he quickly delivered messages from the spiritual to the real world, conveying important news. His speed was attributed to his sandals. Therefore, the symbol points to fast movement with Goodyear tires. The choice of winged footwear is also related to the theme of flight. The company briefly produced airships.

The name is written in a light, freestyle, as is the image of the sandal. The technique demonstrates the use of analogies, mythical characters, rather than real objects.

1930 – 1942

Goodyear Logo 1930

1942 – 1968

Goodyear Logo 1942

1968 – today

Goodyear Logo

In the modern version of the emblem, the inscription and image are preserved. However, the composition is placed on a blue rectangular background, creating an association with a quality seal. The rectangle was chosen as a segment of the road or an image of the tire’s end. The background evokes a sense of compactness, protection, and reliability, which high-quality, durable tires provide to vehicle owners.

The yellow inscription lifts the mood and enhances the manufacturer’s friendly feeling.

The sandal resembles more modern footwear, looking more aesthetically pleasing and neat.

Font and Colors

The main colors of the modern emblem are blue and yellow, which demonstrate the professionalism and communicativeness of the manufacturer.

  • Blue – the color of technology, production, and computerization. Goodyear factories are modern and automated. Machines work accurately and without failures. The shade refers to the sky, the sensation of flight. It also hints at the production of airships.
  • Yellow – friendly and amicable. Building communication with customers is an important priority in Goodyear’s work. The company constantly works on technologies that make traveling easier and more enjoyable.

The font with thickened letters resembles Uptown JNL but with softer, smoother inner holes. The smoothing of angles and roundness of elements hints at the shape of tires.

Goodyear color codes

Maximum YellowHex color:#f7f719
RGB:247 247 25
CMYK:0 0 90 3
Pantone:PMS 396 C
US Air Force Academy BlueHex color:#1a529e
RGB:26 82 158
CMYK:84 48 0 38
Pantone:PMS 2945 C