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Manufacturer of pumping units, lubrication equipment, sprayers, and other devices for working with fluids uses a universal logo without reference to any product. The Graco Inc logo looks like an orderly system that is thought out in detail.

Graco Inc: Brand overview

Founder:Russell Gray
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Graco Inc is an American company specializing in manufacturing and selling fluid handling systems and products. It was founded in 1926. The headquarters is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The brand’s products are available worldwide, and the number of employees exceeds 3.5 thousand people. Net profit, in turn, reaches 350 million USD.

Meaning and History

Graco Inc Logo History

Graco’s logo embodies the values of reliability and innovation it holds dear. The logo design is simple yet sophisticated, using a combination of bold fonts and rich colors. It is a recognizable symbol in many industries and private households because of its history and permanence over many decades.

What is Graco Inc.?

It is one of the most sought-after manufacturers for liquid handling. The company has almost a century of experience in the market, which has allowed it to get millions of satisfied customers.

1926 – 1969

There was no logo at the first stage of the company’s development. In 1926, a Minneapolis parking lot employee decided to form the Gray Company, Inc. He did this with his brother Leil Gray. Initially, the organization worked on the production and sale of air-powered lubricators. They were created to solve bad weather problems when conventional manual grease guns would not work. Already during the first year, the brothers earned about 35 thousand USD. The company developed rapidly; by 1941, sales increased to $1 million. During World War II, the Gray Company also served military orders. After the end of World War II, paint pumps and pumps for industrial fluids were also developed. Every year sales volumes increased, and the management of the company changed. For example, Leil Gray died in 1958 and was replaced as director by Harry A. Murphy, who in turn served only three years in that position. Until 1969, when the company was renamed Graco and went public, David Koch was its leader.

1969 – today

Graco Inc Logo

After the renaming, the first Graco logo appeared, which is still used by the company at the moment. It consists of a word inscription and an emblem located on top. If we talk about the brand name, then it is made using a classic bold sans-serif font. Black letters on a white background are easy to read and attract the attention of potential customers.

In turn, the emblem is presented on top. This is a stylized letter G, the left side of which is made in black, and the right side is blue. Visually, the letter is divided into several rectangular blocks.

Font and Colors

Graco Inc Symbol

The logo was based on a classic bold sans-serif font. The inscription on the emblem’s background is relatively small but easy to read. Thick lines and friendly tone attract buyers’ attention. As a result, the logo looks strong and promising.

A black and blue color palette was chosen for the Graco logo. The contrast between these colors makes it even more powerful, thus demonstrating the company’s status and ambitions.

Monochrome allows you to place the logo on any surface. Also, given the fact that only one version of the logo has been presented all the time, millions of customers have already remembered exactly the variant in the presented color scheme.

Graco Inc color codes

BlackHex color:#020202
RGB:2 2 2
CMYK:0 0 0 99
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C
Absolute ZeroHex color:#0142bb
RGB:1 66 187
CMYK:99 65 0 27
Pantone:PMS 2728 C