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The Gulf Air logo is a symbol of grandeur and beauty, reflecting the brand’s importance and significance in global aviation. The logo consists of two levels: the upper part with an inscription in Arabic, the lower part with the name of the company Gulf Air, and the image of a bird in gold.

The Arabic inscription at the top of the logo symbolizes the culture and history of Bahrain, where the company originates from. The golden color of the inscription represents wealth and luxury, which is an important message for customers.

The name, written in large bold type and dark blue, symbolizes reliability, strength and durability, trust, and professionalism.
The bird depicted in the brand logo is a symbol of speed, lightness, and freedom. The golden color on the bird’s wings symbolizes the wealth and luxury offered to Gulf Air customers.

The Gulf Air emblem embodies the high standards of the aviation industry and reflects the company’s importance and significance in global aviation. The brand’s values include reliability, faith, craftsmanship, strength, and luxury. It is committed to providing passengers with a high-quality, comfortable flight experience worldwide.

Gulf Air: Brand overview

Founded: 1950
Muharraq, Bahrain

Meaning and History

Gulf Air Logo History

1950 – 1970

Gulf Aviation Logo 1950

1970 – 1973

Gulf Aviation Logo 1970

1973 – 1978

Gulf Air Logo 1973

1978 – 1983

Gulf Air Logo 1978

1983 – 2001

Gulf Air Logo 1983

2001 – 2010

Gulf Air Logo 2001

2010 – 2018

Gulf Air Logo 2010

2018 – today

Gulf Air Logo

Gulf Air color codes

Dark Byzantine Blue Hex color: #1f2945
RGB: 31 41 69
CMYK: 55 41 0 73
Pantone: PMS 533 C
Gold Fusion Hex color: #86754e
RGB: 134 117 78
CMYK: 0 13 42 47
Pantone: PMS 872 C