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Insel Air’s logo was like a quick hello from the Caribbean sky. The flowing ribbons were reminiscent of a sunny day and clear skies perfect for flying. Although the airline has had its ups and downs, the logo indicates that it is constantly changing and getting better.

Insel Air: Brand overview

Insel Air International B.V. was established in 2006 to become the renowned Dutch carrier in the Caribbean and the national airline of Curaçao. Headquartered at Maduro Plaza in Willemstad, Insel Air was a vital link for the Caribbean region, connecting the islands with its fleet of Fokker 50 aircraft. With Insel Air, travelers could explore the Caribbean and South America like never before.

From its inception, Insel Air sought to revolutionize air travel in the Dutch Caribbean. Its goal was to offer residents and visitors to the ABC islands of Curaçao, Aruba, and Bonaire convenient, affordable, and reliable transportation options.

In 2008, the company launched its first international flights to Venezuela, connecting the two regions and creating opportunities for travelers and merchants. This was the beginning of Insel Air’s entry into South America.

Insel Air’s fleet of Fokker 50 aircraft has provided passengers with reliability, efficiency, and comfort. Designed specifically for short-haul routes in the Caribbean and South America, these airplanes were meticulously maintained, ensuring the highest safety standards.

Meaning and History

Insel Air Logo History

What is Insel Air?

Insel Air, officially known as Insel Air International B.V., has gained a significant place in the aviation sector of the Dutch Caribbean. Founded in 2006, the airline has quickly become an influential regional player. Its diverse network covers destinations in the Caribbean North and South America, offering locals and tourists a variety of travel options. Despite the challenges, it continued to operate until 2019.

2006 – 2019

Insel Air Logo

In front is a tricolor wave with pointed ends. Each of the ribbons depicted is individual: the top ribbon is yellow, the middle ribbon is red, and the bottom ribbon is blue. Together, they symbolize the sunny sky. The smooth lines signify flight safety. To the left of these waves is the name of the airline company in bold, rounded letters. Below that is another inscription: the slogan “Reaching Higher.” The slogan is brief and occupies only half of the text space above it.

The three-colored wave symbolizes a sunny sky and is meant to evoke positive emotions and optimism about flying. The bold, rounded font used for the company name emphasizes reliability and affordability. The slogan “Reaching Higher” is purposeful and emphasizes the company’s commitment to providing excellent service and exceeding customer expectations.