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The German manufacturer of abrasive tools strives for innovation but appreciates its traditions. That is why the Klingspor logo looks modern and has heraldic-like elements simultaneously. It symbolizes strength, confidence, and the company’s huge historical heritage.

Klingspor: Brand overview

Founder:Carl Klingspor

Klingspor is a well-known German company established based on a foundry in Offenbach am Main. The founder is Carl Klingspor, who later passed the company on to his sons. They did everything to make the company successful and profitable. Today the concern is one of the most popular manufacturers of grinding materials in the world.

In addition to the main plant in Germany, Klingspor also has subsidiaries in America and Europe. The catalog presents high-quality cutting and grinding products and reliable abrasive materials. The best development of the company is effective sandpaper, which compares favorably with the same material from other manufacturers.

Meaning and History

Klingspor Logo History

The famous brand has a long history, which includes several important periods. Some of them became pivotal and made the brand what it is today. Modern Klingspor is a brand that is recognized all over the world. Its visual concept includes vibrant, dynamic coloring and a unique symbol that evokes associations with the company’s products.

1906 – 1960

Klingspor Logo 1906

The future Klingspor was originally a foundry that operated for several years under the management of Karl Klingspor. But, in 1904, it passed to his sons. They modernized production and turned the plant into one of the leading German concerns. The old name was changed to Gebrüder Klingspor. Serious changes led to a change in the concept of identity.

But, the management made a non-standard decision. Instead of 1 logo, the company received three different badges. All of them were made in the same style but had different content. This approach was not chosen by chance. Three different emblems symbolized the different values ​​of the company. The first logo was an oval frame with bold lines.

On the sides, there were two rectangles in which was the inscription Schutz Marke. In the center was a crown drawn in thin black lines. The background was white. The crown symbolized the city in which the concern was located. But, after the business spread outside the country, they decided to change it. The reason is that the crown was associated with the royal beginning and did not reflect the brand’s essence.

The second logo had the same design, but there was a figure of a deer in the center. The animal was the family crest of the Klingspor family. Such a performance emphasized family values ​​and the importance of the family. But, this option also did not fully characterize the company. For this reason, a third logo appeared. It differed in that the car was located in the center. This showed the focus of Klingspor’s work and described the products.

1960 – today

Klingspor Logo

In the 60s, the company entered a new era of development and decided to change its style radically. As a result of careful research and the work of experienced designer Manfred Birkelbach, a striking modern emblem has emerged. The new version had an attractive appearance and fully corresponded to the values ​​of the updated brand.

A feature of the logo was the play on contrasts. Customers could always recognize the brand by the combination of yellow and black. Such a decision symbolized optimism and, at the same time, rigor. The latter is a characteristic feature of the attitude of the Germans to work.

This is manifested in strict observance of the rules and production technologies and established standards. The icon itself consists of a triangular icon, inside which is the image of the tool and the inscription. The tool is made in black and white and is located on a yellow background. The inscription Klingspor is located below and favorably emphasizes the overall picture.

Font and Colors

Klingspor Emblem

The current Klingspor logo has not changed since 1960. Its expressive execution and contrasting colors can recognize. Black, yellow and white colors are chosen for decoration. Black emphasizes a tribute to tradition and adds rigor. Yellow symbolizes a progressive approach to work and energy, while white is the base color that brings these shades into a harmonious image.

The tool icon inside symbolizes the activities of the company and the goods it produces. It is made in the original style. Clear lines and black and white colors make the instrument stand out against the yellow background. The Klingspor lettering is in a geometric sans-serif, signifying strength and courage.

Klingspor Symbol

In addition, the letters are created with clear, simple lines, which emphasizes the company’s confidence in the future. An additional characteristic is a perfect balance in everything. Font, colors, and geometric shapes are beautifully combined with each other. It also highlights the brand’s fundamental approach to everything.

Klingspor color codes

Canary YellowHex color:#feed01
RGB:254 237 1
CMYK:0 7 100 0
Pantone:PMS 3955 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C