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The Linktree logo shows how the service works in one image. The emblem demonstrates the ease of creating and managing a page. Elements are collected in a single pattern, just like user links are concentrated in one place. The startup logo has already managed to change once, which is associated with the growth and development of Linktree.

Linktree: Brand overview

Founder:Alex Zaccaria, Anthony Zaccaria, Nick Humphreys and Bolster Creative PTY LTD
Melbourne and Sydney, Australia

Linktree is an Australian service that helps users collect all digital information about themselves in one profile. The page allows you to save links to social networks, advertised products, clips, or videos. Replaces a full website. The Linktree logo is chosen by 28,000 users every month.

The service is the brainchild of brothers Zaccaria and Nick Humphreys, who own the marketing agency Bolster. It was created to solve the problem of managing their star clients’ accounts, but it became so popular that it became an independent large-scale project.

Meaning and History

Linktree Logo History

What is LinkTree?

An ever-growing part-paid multilink service with over 23 million pages of self-reported users. The Zaccaria brothers own it. Fifty employees are working on the project—headquarters in Melbourne.

2016 – 2022

Linktree Logo 2016

The first logo is an image of two intersecting arrows or trees pointing upwards. They personified links to individual social networks. The place of their imposition formed the third arrow. It was she who symbolized Linktree. A service is a place that unites all links to the platforms where the user is registered. The light green color indicates development, a more successful presentation of oneself in the Internet space thanks to the new site.

Next to the composition is the title, displayed in a thin font in lower case. The absence of a capital letter indicates Linktree’s supporting service role. A page without user-posted content is irrelevant. It is the owner and his personality that makes the linked site interesting. The profile helps the owner manage all networks and notify subscribers on all platforms about news and promotions.

Thin letters show that the project is a startup, little known, and only gaining momentum.

2022 – today

Linktree Logo

The new logo was designed by American designer Brian Collins, who runs the branding company of the same name—participated in the process, and one of the co-founders of the startup, a designer by profession Nick Humphreys. The resulting composition perfectly conveys the meaning of the service.

The emblem has an image of black rectangles forming a tree. The trunk represents the person or company for which the profile is being created. And the schematic branches extending in different directions depict links to different pages dedicated to him. The branches converge towards the center at one point, which shows the concentration of all information on the Linktree page. The design puts the user first: he alone decides how his tree will look.

Before the image, the name of the service is made in thin, elegant letters. In translation, it means Link (links) and tree (tree). Therefore, the picture next to the company’s name is symbolic, as it depicts this “reference tree.”

Often, the picture is used separately in light green colors, for example, on the site’s favicon, which demonstrates the ability of a tree to grow, increasing the amount of information.

Font and Colors

Linktree Emblem

The main colors of the logo are black and green. Initially, green shades prevailed, representing a young startup’s growth and development. Coming to black is an indicator of the scale that the service has reached. The neutrality of tone gives way to the imagination of the user, who can choose the design of his page from various shades.

Linktree Symbol

Even though the individual font Link Sans was developed for the program during the redesign, it is not used in the logo. For the inscription, they took Neue Plak Extended SemiBold, but with a truncated letter t, which added individuality to the image.

Linktree color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C