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“Can I visit you?” asks the Mailchimp logo. The emblem promises interesting news and offers that you want to take advantage of. The sign is a symbol of a non-standard approach to doing business.

Mailchimp: Brand overview

Founder:Ben Chestnut, Mark Armstrong, Dan Kurzius
United States
Mailchimp cannot be called email in the classical sense. Rather, it is an email marketing service that just happened by accident as a side project. It was created in 2001 when Armstrong Dan Kurzius and Ben Chestnut Mark decided to help their clients with promotional emails. At first, all features were paid, but in 2009 a free service plan became available to users. It immediately attracted the attention of bloggers and small businesses who do not even have a minimum budget.

Meaning and History

Mailchimp Logo History

More than a billion emails pass through the Mailchimp platform every day. It helps millions of people around the world with a wide range of marketing automation features. Quite unnoticed, the internet startup has evolved into a global email provider. Moreover, the corporate identity developed along with the brand because Dan and Ben tried to create a holistic visual identity and never limited themselves to some framework.

The Mailchimp identity is the epitome of creativity. It combines unusual author’s fonts, moving illustrations, and playful mood. Therefore, all the service’s trademarks that have been in use since 2001 are catchy, bright, and attractive.

What is Mailchimp?

It is a popular email marketing promotion service operated by Rocket Science Group, a US company.

2001 – 2013

MailChimp Logo 2001-2013

The name Mailchimp was written with two capital letters: “M” and “C.” In this form, it was presented on the primary logo. The designers took as a basis a font that imitates handwritten handwriting. Its main drawback was the illegibility of the letters when resizing.

2013 – 2018

MailChimp Logo 2013-2018

At some point, the owners got tired of that the inscription looks very sloppy, and they turned to Jessica Hische for help. This is the first time a freelance designer who has recently graduated from art school got such a responsible job. She faced a difficult task: to keep the old font but to make it more readable.

To do this, Jessica has separated the words “Mail” and “Chimp,” reduced the thickness of the lines, widened the narrow areas at the joints, and slightly aligned the letters. The changes were minimal, but they made it possible to use the logo at any scale.

Simultaneously, the Mailchimp platform acquired an emblem with the head of the cartoon monkey, Freddie. This funny and friendly chimpanzee is the company’s iconic mascot, which matches its name. The artists made the badge colored and uneven in texture: thanks to graphic techniques, the fur looks thick, the skin is smooth, and the blue stripe on the cap looks shiny.

2018 – today

Mailchimp Logo 2018-present

The current logo came about when the email marketing service decided to reflect its development strategy in the new branding. The designers had to combine the mascot and the name Mailchimp so that they finally became one. The word trademark and mascot Freddie used to have compatibility issues, so the chimpanzee head was always used separately and not directly associated with the internet platform.

First of all, the developers changed the font and put all the letters in lower case. It no longer made sense to split the name into two words because the service stopped dealing with email alone and began to provide a full package of marketing services for small businesses. The monkey’s head also began to look different: the designers made it black and white, reduced it, and placed it to the inscription’s left. COLLINS and R / GA took part in the development of the new branding style.

Mailchimp Symbol

Freddie is not just a chimpanzee. This is a postman monkey, as can be judged by the characteristic cap of a newspaper peddler. Directly above the visor is a gold-colored “M” that hints at Mailchimp. In this context, the email marketing service is presented as a letter delivery service and the monkey as its friendly and cheerful courier.

The Freddie icon has been the main sign of the company since 2013. However, its current version differs markedly from the previous one. In 2018, the designers simplified the drawing by changing some details. Now the monkey winks happily because she is always in a great mood.

Font and Colors

Mailchimp Emblem

Trying to be original in everything, the company uses its signature font called Cooper Light. It seems sloppy, but in reality, each letter is thought out to the smallest detail: the developers made the lines different in thickness and at the same time perfectly symmetrical. The owners of Mailchimp do not exclude that a similar font can be found on old vinyl records.

The color choices are interesting: the old Freddie badge contained several shades of brown, beige, and blue. The visor of the cap was black, and the letter “M” was yellow. By the way, the latter color is very similar to a banana, but Mailchimp calls it Cavendish Yellow (# FFE01B). The current version is not so colorful: the designers have made it black and white. Moreover, when placing the logo on a dark background, there should be a white line around the chimpanzee’s head.

Mailchimp color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C

Who designed the Mailchimp logo?

The main developers of the new logo for the Postal Service are two agencies – Collins and R / GA. Designers Barry Lee, Alice Meteignier, Franz Lang, Sarah Watts, and several others also participated in the work, who were brought in to create additional icons.

How do I get rid of the Mailchimp logo at the bottom of my email?

It is not removed for free email clients, as it is required. It can only be moved. Only those who use paid services can remove the icon. The icon turns off in the Email Design section.

What is Mailchimp custom branding?

The mail agent’s branding features include the original chimpanzee Freddie, Cavendish # FFE01B banana yellow, Cooper Ligh font, and the word “Mailchimp” with a lowercase “c.”

What size should a logo be in Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is up to 600px wide, so your logo shouldn’t be larger than that size. If the image does not match, the service itself corrects it. The height can be different: there are no minimum or maximum boundaries for it.