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The Metal Gear logo speaks of courage, strength, and savvy. The ability to wait and act, hide and win. The emblem represents an exciting game that requires attention and quick reaction.

Metal Gear: Brand overview

Founded:July 13, 1987
Tokyo, Japan
Metal Gear is a series of action video games published by the Japanese company Konami and conceived by Japanese designer and director Hideo Kojima. The canonical list includes nine games. Over 60 million copies have been sold. The franchise, including figurines, guides, and comics, has brought its creators about $2.5 billion.

Meaning and History

Metal Gear Logo History

The series’ first game appeared in 1987, and the logo in 1990. This is because the first version was developed for Japanese computers with MSX architecture and was unsuitable for most PCs. The game was modified for other countries from 1988 to 1989. A unified logo appeared after this, which was used for all franchise series. An attempt to change the logo later was unsuccessful, and the rebranding of the logo was abandoned.

What is Metal Gear?

Computer games where the participant, in the role of agent Solid Snake, must perform tasks on enemy territory while remaining undetected by the adversary. Each game continues the character’s story, who initially performs a mission in the fight against the USSR, is captured, organizes his army, etc.

1990 – today

Metal Gear Logo

The game’s logo is characterized by simplicity. It’s a black inscription indicating what is in front of the viewer: a covert spy mission.

The franchise’s name is associated with the name of a mobile machine resembling a walking tank with nuclear warheads. Each series is slightly transformed (Metal Gear REX, Metal Gear ST-84, etc.), but overall, the theme and name remain constant. Metal Gear is the main goal of the game. The player must find and neutralize the machine.

The elongated letters suggest that the hero’s mission is extraordinarily important since peace depends on its implementation. Long characters indicate a tall bipedal tank. The elements contain strength, military power, and confrontation with experienced enemies.

1998 – 2000

Metal Gear Logo 1998

The third part of the game, Metal Gear Solid, was developed in 1996 and released two years later. Its logo differed from the rest, possibly because the game transitioned to 3D graphics in this part.

The logo is represented by a confident, powerful, bright red inscription. The color speaks of danger and constant tension. Actions need to be taken quickly. A nuclear war may start if the player does not complete the mission. According to the plot, the character must neutralize a terrorist organization that has seized nuclear weapons and is preparing a strike. Plus, rescue hostages. Therefore, the color of the inscription reflects the theme of the explosion, war, and confrontation.

The first and last letters of the inscription are enlarged at the bottom, and a red line runs between them. The line indicates movement from point A to point B. It describes the obstacle course that the hero must go through.

In most variants, the word Solid is added to the line to emphasize the main character – the brave spy Solid Snake. The choice of the name describes the player’s camouflage abilities – to remain unnoticed, he needs to crawl like a snake and hide in secluded places.

Each letter has slits to show how Solid secretly watches his enemies. And angular glyphs hint at protrusions, walls, and objects behind which the player hides.

Above the title, as in the previous emblem, it is indicated that this is a covert spy mission.

The new game was received with an enthusiastic “hurrah.” They sold 7 million copies, followed by many additional sequels and prequels. However, they dropped the logo for the third installment two years later in favor of a more readable first version.

Font and Colors

In the case of this franchise, red is the color of war, blood, and fire. The hue speaks of dangerous battles and victories. The bright palette describes the range of emotions experienced by players during the game. Encapsulated in red are the feelings, fears, and wild joy from successfully reaching the goal.

The logo’s font is unique due to the cuts in the letters. It’s as if two eyes are watching the viewer through a slit. This technique conveys a spy theme and adds a sense of mystery to the emblem. The tilt of the inscription speaks to the unfolding of events—the rapid development of the plot. The inscription implies speed and a progression towards the goal.

Metal Gear color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C