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A website that hosts National Basketball League games may only have a sports logo. Therefore, the NBAbite logo shows the close connection of the online platform with basketball – it is as dynamic as a flying ball.

NBAbite: Brand overview

Founded: 2010
United States

The NBAbite website operates in non-stop mode and provides stable and unhindered viewing of the National Basketball League games. It can be accessed by a user from anywhere in the world. This does not require registration and payment. The site receives profit from placing ad blocks of different brands.

The theme of the Internet platform is conveyed in a stylish visual concept. It is based on a two-tone palette and the original NBAbite lettering in a soft, simple font. The elements are harmoniously combined with each other, creating a logo that is memorable and understandable for users.

Meaning and History NBAbite Logo

NBAbite Symbol

The reliability of the resource is also manifested in a special design. It is recognizable by its sporty color scheme and thematic name. Basketball competitions are always associated with red, blue, and white shades used in the design.

The NBAbite website was created in 2010 as a useful resource and community for basketball fans. It has become a unique resource of its kind and has been recognized by many users. Over time, its functionality improved, but the design remained unchanged.

What is NBAbite?

The NBAbite website in non-stop mode and provides stable and unhindered viewing of the National Basketball League games. Broadcasts are carried out without interruption and in high quality. In addition, the platform provides important scores and the latest data on events in the world of basketball. Thanks to its extensive functionality and reliable operation, the online resource has won the trust of millions of users around the world.

The stylish design and chosen visual concept of the NBAbite logo remain relevant to this day. The traditional colors are still associated with basketball, and the word mark still reflects the essence of the portal. The absence of changes in the emblem is not evidence of stagnation. On the contrary, it emphasizes strengthening the site’s position and stability in its work.

Today, NBAbite delivers the same quality game streams it did ten years ago, and the NBAbite emblem symbolizes values ​​that every fan knows. It consists of several elements:

  • an inscription related to the games (the very name of the site NBAbite);
  • basketball icon;
  • appropriate colors (blue, white, and red).

Each of the presented parts evokes direct associations with the specified sport. And the name contains a symbol indicating streaming data – bite. In general, the graphic component of the identity looks very simple and understandable.

It can even be called universal since users can unravel its semantic load from almost any country. This also confirms the wide coverage of the site. It works without territorial restrictions and is available anywhere in the world.

Font and Colors

NBAbite Emblem

The basis of the visual identity of the Internet resource is the iconic color palette, which is used in the emblem of the National Basketball Association. It consists of only three shades: blue, red, and white. The first part of the badge is made in red, and the second has a blue color. White is used as the general background and decoration for the icon, represented as a basketball.

The color scheme of the streaming service emphasizes belonging to the specified sport and makes the logo especially recognizable. The inscription itself is fully consistent with the name of the nbabite website. It is not separated by space, but two parts are traced in it.

This effect was achieved by using a capital letter at the beginning of the word bite. This is done to highlight the game’s symbol – the ball, which is located inside the first letter. The stylish design is complemented by a simple font, which features smooth corners and thin lines.

NBAbite color codes

Vivid Auburn Hex color: #991b1e
RGB: 153 27 30
CMYK: 0 82 80 40
Pantone: PMS 7620 C
Cosmic Cobalt Hex color: #2a2c7a
RGB: 42 44 122
CMYK: 66 64 0 52
Pantone: PMS 2756 C