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The Pokemon Go logo closely resembles the emblem of the cartoon that inspired this mobile game. It boasts a vibrant, saturated design that highlights the brand’s entertainment character. Overall, it’s a symbolic sign reflecting the essence of the gameplay – searching for and training Pokemon in augmented reality.

Pokemon Go: Brand overview

Founded:July 6, 2016
United States
Despite numerous criticisms and accusations of espionage, the Pokemon Go game became incredibly popular in its debut year. It was released in 2016 by the American company Niantic, Inc. and is part of a massive media franchise owned by the Japanese firm Nintendo. This entertaining mobile app allows you to immerse yourself in an augmented reality world to become a Pokemon trainer. But first, they need to be found and caught. Creatures appear in different places, prompting players to walk around with their smartphones, leading to accidents.

Meaning and History

Pokemon Go Logo History

The Pokemon Go logo was introduced concurrently with the unique mobile game, where users become trainers exploring the real world to catch virtual creatures, train them, and engage in battles. The emblem is executed in bright colors and contains the brand name combined with the symbol of the Poke Ball. That is, it conveys the essence of the entertaining application and provides recognition of the fictional universe.

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a free mobile game where you must collect Pokemon to participate in battles. Thanks to AR technology, they must be sought in the real world in various locations. The application appeared in 2016 on Android and iOS platforms. It’s a development from Niantic, which aimed to place an entire universe inhabited by intelligent creatures with supernatural abilities into a smartphone.

2016 – today

Pokemon Go Logo

The game’s logo is based on the emblem of the animated series that initiated the expansive media franchise. The main element is the yellow word “Pokémon,” with light-blue outlines around each letter. Notably, all consonants (“P,” “K,” “M,” “N”) here are uppercase, while the vowels (“o,” “é,” “o”) are lowercase. However, the small glyphs are elevated, so the case difference is not very noticeable. Additional dark lines and gradients give the inscription a visually voluminous look.

At the bottom is the word “GO,” in which both letters are uppercase. This part of the emblem serves as a backdrop for a picturesque space landscape depicting the surface of a blue planet, separated from distant stars by a light-blue stripe. The drawing underscores the unique combination of augmented reality and the fantastic world of Pokemon. To reflect the essence of the game process, designers placed a small red-and-white Poke Ball, traditionally consisting of two half-rings and a circle, inside the “O” letter space.

Font and Colors

Pokemon Go Emblem

As the brand relates to the entertainment sphere, its logo is executed in an informal font with disrupted proportions. All the letters in the word “Pokémon” are irregular, asymmetrical, and tilted in different directions. The uppercase “P,” “K,” and “N” have rectangular serifs directed to the left. However, “GO” has a completely different design: these glyphs have a round shape, which references the Poke Ball.

Pokemon Go Symbol

The emblem’s colors are diverse and bright, conveying the game’s cheerful nature. Shades of blue predominate, and yellow, white, red, and gray are also used.