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The Robinhood logo preaches freedom and nobility, which make it easy to earn money. Anyone can start from scratch and make a profit. This is the whole essence of the platform that the emblem conveys.

Robinhood: Brand overview

Founded:April 18, 2013
Founder:Vladimir Tenev, Baiju Bhatt
Menlo Park, California, U.S.
Robinhood attracts young traders because it allows you to trade cryptocurrencies, ETFs, options, and stocks with zero commission. It was founded in 2013 by Vlad Tenev and Baiju Bhatt, who wanted publicly available financial services. The startup was inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement, which calls for global economic change. The entrepreneurs named their startup Robinhood. This criminal became famous for giving away all the loot to the poor.

Meaning and History

Robinhood Logo History

The stockbroker lives up to its name because it does not charge interest on transactions. The logo also does not stand out from the concept: it depicts a feather, as in the hat of the famous robber, supplemented with the word “Robinhood.” In general, the design looks in contrast to the conservative and corporate style of other brokerage companies.

Credit goes to branding specialist Alexandra Bond, who designed the branding and interface for the app. She did not follow the traditional path but decided to attract novice traders’ attention with something unusual. The designer relied on a simple design that does not scare off beginners with excessive seriousness.

At the same time, the functions of the electronic platform have turned to invest into a game. “Lottery tickets,” falling confetti, a list of trendy promotions, one-click trading, and emoji phone notifications have helped Robinhood acquire millions of customers, with an average age of around 26.

The company revolutionized the brokerage industry, but not positively: American youth began to take big risks, especially newcomers. This platform has made them addicted to gambling sites. And huge losses and application bugs often led to tragedies. So the visual appeal of the logo is nothing more than a psychological device designed to attract the attention of people who have minimal trading experience or even hear this word for the first time.

The main graphic symbol of Robinhood is a feather with an upward pointing arrow. The geometrically simple image symbolizes the folklore character after which the company is named. As you know, he was a big fashionista, so he decorated his hat with a feather. Given its positive reputation as a robber among the poor, the emblem should inspire a sense of trust and inspiration among users. The arrow, in turn, hints at financial growth.

What is Robinhood?

Robinhood is a financial platform that deals with exchange-traded funds, electronic stock trading, and cryptocurrency. Interaction with customers is carried out through a mobile application launched in 2015. The founders of the company are Vladimir Tenev and Baiju Bhatt. It was founded in 2013. It is located in Menlo Park, California.

before 2019

Robinhood Logo before 2019

Until that time, the Robinhood logo was light emerald, one of the shades of a mixture of green and blue. It denoted confidence, calmness, and prudence and was associated with the growth of material wealth, which is its main symbolism. He also personified radiance and luxury, which is important for money service. In addition, the aquamarine emblem attracted users’ attention and increased traffic to the web resource. Both parts, both text, and graphic, were painted in this color.

The inscription consisted of the name, typed in lowercase font with rounded corners. The angularity of the letters was absent so as not to cause negative emotions in customers and not to repel them. The drawing depicted a feather – an attribute of the famous fighter with the rich, after whom the service is named. According to legend, Robin Hood always wore it in his hat and was well recognized for it. The pen consisted of several segments, combined in such a way that a thin white arrow was visible between the geometric figures. She symbolized financial growth, upward movement, active recovery, and profit.

2019 – today

Robinhood Logo

After the redesign, the logo became less noticeable in terms of color: the developers painted it black. The lettering style has also changed. Now it is made with less elongated letters – they have received even greater rounding. There was also a capital font – in the first letter of the name of the money service. A significant change was the movement of the pen from left to right. That is, if earlier it was in front of the text, now it is located behind it. Moreover, the designers minimized its proportions in relation to the inscription, making it smaller. But they retained the structure, so an arrow pointing upwards is clearly visible in the negative space between the geometric shapes of different shapes.

Font and Colors

Robinhood Emblem

Designers paid little attention to the wordmark. They used a standard font similar to Street Plain Regular. The grotesque used for the inscription “Robinhood” is characterized by the absence of rounding at the letters’ ends. Perhaps this is another attempt to simplify the design to grab the attention of users.

Logo Robinhood

The logo has a monochrome black and white version. But green is most often used because it matches Robinhood’s clothing color (and hat). By the way, in the stock market, this color means growth, which, according to the chief designer’s idea, should create positive associations. Alexandra Bond chose not a standard shade but a bright one (# 00C805), which could appeal to the younger generation. This is another neat psychological trick, a visual message that acts as a green traffic light.

Robinhood color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C

What is the Robinhood symbol?

The symbol of Robinhood is the feather, which, according to legend, the legendary character wore on his hat. Since the service is aimed at young clients, it is painted in a trendy mint color. The pen consists of several fragments, arranged so that an arrow directed upward is formed in the negative space inside. It is also a symbol of a virtuous image and an indicator of the growth trajectory of finance.

What is the Robinhood IPO stock symbol?

In late summer 2021, Robinhood went public and launched stock trading on the Nasdaq under the symbol HOOD. Its bottom price offer at the time was $ 38 per share.

Does Robin Hood have a stock symbol?

Yes, the Robinhood mobile financial platform has its stock symbol. She received it in 2021 when she acquired the status of a public company and came to the Nasdaq trading exchange. Its shares are traded under the symbol HOOD.