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Shoebacca: Brand overview

Founded: 2002
Irving, Texas, U.S.
In 2002, nestled in Irving, Texas, the foundation of Shoebacca was laid. Designed as a digital shoe paradise, the platform offered families a wide selection of shoes. But what made Shoebacca unique right from the outset was its commitment to giving back; a slice of its earnings was dedicated to charitable causes.

Shoebacca’s offerings grew beyond just shoes, branching into apparel and other accessories as time passed. The digital storefront rapidly morphed into a prominent online hub for footwear, housing over 100 renowned brands and many styles. A blend of impeccable customer service, an intuitive online interface, and competitive price points set Shoebacca apart in the crowded e-commerce space.

Even as it scaled, the company stayed true to its roots. Remaining under family ownership, the heart of philanthropy that Shoebacca was built upon continued to beat strong. Shoebacca’s footprint expanded from its Texan base, shipping products to 170 countries, cementing its reputation as a global e-commerce heavyweight.

Accolades for its exceptional customer service, vibrant workplace culture, and stellar business trajectory have adorned Shoebacca’s mantle over the years. From a modest start-up, it has burgeoned into a robust organization, employing over 500 individuals working in sync from its Texan headquarters and expansive warehousing units. Two decades into its journey, the spirit of Shoebacca remains unaltered — an unwavering dedication to the community and an endeavor to offer the ultimate online footwear shopping experience.

Meaning and History

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What is Shoebacca?

Shoebacca has made a global mark in the fashion industry by serving the fashion-forward yet budget-aware youth for over ten years. This privately owned entity, based in Irving, Texas, employs over 200 individuals. It boasts an extensive footwear, apparel, and accessories inventory and has built a solid reputation for providing the newest fashion trends at unmatched prices.

2002 – 2008

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2008 – 2016

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2016 – today

Shoebacca Logo

Shoebacca color codes

Grapefruit Red Hex color: #f8554f
RGB: 248 85 79
CMYK: 0 66 68 3
Pantone: PMS Warm Red C
Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C