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The emblem represents the network as a living entity. The company grows, develops, conquers markets, and acquires customers. “Here we have developed a matrix for launching successful objects,” the Stockmann logo says.

Stockmann: Brand overview

Founder:Heinrich Georg Franz Stockmann
Helsinki, Finland
Stockmann is a Finnish chain of stores. The company’s founder is the German Heinrich Stockmann, who was a merchant in his field of activity. Initially, he was engaged in the sale of dishes in the capital of Finland, Helsinki. However, thanks to the popularity of his project, he managed to open a department store within a few decades. Stockmann’s company gradually expanded by acquiring new stores, thus expanding the range of products and the scope of activities. At the beginning of the 21st century, Stockmann owned department stores in Finland, Estonia, and Latvia. The annual turnover, as of 2015, is about 1.5 billion dollars. Economic indicators continue to grow as the company acquires new businesses and shopping centers to promote the brand. About 9.5 thousand employees work at the company’s enterprises. Naturally, the lion’s share of department stores is located directly in Finland (six out of eight). The chain’s largest department store is located in the center of Helsinki. Occupying more than 50 thousand square meters, it is considered the largest store in Northern Europe.

Meaning and History

Stockmann Logo History

Throughout the existence of the Stockmann company, it has never changed its logo. Its basis is directly the company’s name, which is written in block letters. As a color, a shade of green is used, as close as possible to the tone of the dark tone of seafoam. Also, an important component of the logo is the emblem, which is located to the left of the main inscription. It is three times larger than the “Stockmann” symbols in volume. An identical shade of green was used for the emblem. Visually, the emblem resembles the letter “S,” with which the company’s name begins and, in parallel, the founder’s surname. There is also a circle at the top of the emblem. An interesting opinion is that the presented letter “S” is a reference to the name of the chain of stores and the escalators located in the department store.

Stockmann Symbol

The Stockmann logo contains not only the commercial and marketing values ​​of the network. Also, management tries to associate the brand with potential buyers with the company’s code of conduct about customers. The organization adheres to the norms approved in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Man and the Child.

What is Stockmann?

This is an organization engaged in retail trade in some European countries. The main activity of the presented public company is the retail trade of household goods and clothing. Today, the organization is one of the largest chain stores in Finland.

The Stockmann logo lacks additional elements, including those related to trademark copyright.

Font and Colors

Stockmann Emblem

The font of the company name on the logo is almost identical to Sequel 100 Wide 65. The name is in capital letters.

The color of the wordmark is dark green. To the left of the company name is the emblem of the chain of stores, visually reminiscent of the letter “S” to customers. As mentioned above, the logo’s color scheme indicates the friendliness and customer focus of the company. That is, considering their desires and requirements in their development program.

Stockmann color codes

Bottle GreenHex color:#02664a
RGB:2 102 74
CMYK:98 0 27 60
Pantone:PMS 3415 C