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Tele and radio waves emanate from the emblem. Together with them, emotions, joy, and energy spread through the air. The Virgin Media logo demonstrates that the company has been in the business of communications, has been doing so for a long time, and plans to continue its work indefinitely.

Virgin Media: Brand overview

Founded: 6 March 2006
Founder: Virgin Media O2
Reading, England, UK
Virgin Media is a subsidiary of Liberty Global. He represents a telecommunications company that was founded in 2006 in the heart of the Virgin Group. This came about as a result of the merger of Telewest and NTL into NTL: Telewest. The newly created structure was bought by the mobile operator Virgin Mobile UK, and a year later, it underwent a rebranding, receiving its current name. It has become famous for its unusual marketing solutions and revolutionary service packages, including broadband Internet, telephony, and television. Virgin Media was the first in the UK to make such a 3-in-1 offer, and the rest of the telecom giants later took up the idea.

Meaning and History

Virgin Media Logo History

The telecommunications firm serves more than 50% of UK households and offers a top speed of 300 Mbps. But this is not the only thing that makes it different. To showcase its competitive edge, Virgin Media adheres to specific values ​​that define its visual identity. The brand communicates its presence with unusual marketing techniques, attracting celebrities and adhering to a solid set of values.

Another aspect that affects Virgin Media’s visibility is the logo. He always looked the same, apart from minor differences in design, and retained the shape of the infinity sign. This is despite the fact that the company is no longer part of the Virgin Group and is part of the Anglo-Dutch-American enterprise Liberty Global. After changing the owner in 2013, she managed to keep her old name and other identity elements, which she now uses under license.

2007 – 2011

Virgin Media Logo 2007-2011

2006 saw a major milestone in Virgin Media history: Telewest and NTL merged to form one cohesive NTL: Telewest. Then they acquired Virgin Mobile, which allowed them to provide a full service. At the end of the year, the new telecommunications organization announced a name change. As a result of the rebranding, it became Virgin Media Inc. and received a bright red inverted figure-eight logo.

On the left side of the infinity sign was the white word “Virgin,” handwritten diagonally and underlined with a long white line. The right side has been darkened and decorated on top with a bright shining arc. The free space at the bottom was occupied by the black “media” lettering, consisting of sans serif lowercase letters. The red-black gradient with uneven darkening gave a special charm to the logo.

2011 – 2012

Virgin Media Logo 2011-2012

In 2011, the telecommunications company decided to show its patriotism and added the Union Jack element to the emblem, adorning the right side of the inverted eight. This redesign marked the 2012 Olympic Games in the UK and became a festive symbol for the upcoming Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The revamped visual identity was intended to highlight Virgin Media’s commitment to the home country. The public first saw the nationalist logo on October 15th, when a related advertisement aired. The shape of the infinity sign has not changed. But the designers played with colors: they turned the big blob into a red ruby, removed the bright highlights, and added a little neon glow. The fonts remain the same, but the word “media” has become dark pink and increased in size.

2012 – 2013

Virgin Media Logo 2012-2013

When the Olympic Games ended, and the hype died down, telecommunications company Virgin Media returned to its classic logo design. Union Jack is gone. At the same time, a faint neon sheen on the right side was preserved, and the amount of black was reduced in favor of red.

2013 – today

Virgin Media Logo 2013-present

In 2013, the fashion for minimalism came to Virgin Media: the company simplified its main symbol, eliminating the gradient and multicolor. Specialists from the Wolff Olins agency created the visual style. They left the usual typography and removed complex elements. The Virgin lettering was repainted red and appeared on a white background. So that the right side of the “recumbent figure” is not empty, the designers have transferred the word “media” into it, which used to be at the bottom. It was the first redesign since Liberty Global bought the company.

Font and Colors

Virgin Media Emblem

Despite frequent and radical updates, the emblem has always had a stable shape and looked like a sign of infinity. The stylized symbol serves as the basis for the rest of the details. It denotes the reliability and consistency of Virgin Media, shows the stability of the connection. Its purpose is to build confidence in the services of a telecommunications organization.

A non-existent font is used for the word “Virgin.” It looks like the author of the logo has drawn the lettering by hand with one of the graphic tools (brush). The lettering in the word “media” resembles the Stolzl Medium typeface, but only with rounded corners.

Virgin Media Symbol

Red is the classic color for all Virgin Media graphics. Previously, it was complemented with black and presented as a gradient, but now it is combined only with a blank white background. This simplification was another step towards minimalism.

Virgin Media color codes

Red Hex color: #ff0000
RGB: 255 0 0
CMYK: 0 100 100 0
Pantone: PMS 1655 C