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The VMware logo demonstrates a direct link between good reckoning and wealth. The software helps create a coherent system of documents and reporting, and the logo focuses on working for the benefit of clients.

VMware: Brand overview

Founded:February 10, 1998
Founder:Mendel Rosenblum, Diane Greene, Scott Devine, Ellen Wang, Edouard Bugnion
California, U.S.
VMware is an American virtualization and cloud computing software company. It was the first to successfully implement the x86 architecture, offering software of the same name for desktops running Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux. The organization also develops enterprise digital products for VMware ESXi, which run directly on server devices without a base operating system. It was founded by a married couple – academic professor Mendel Rosenblum and entrepreneur Diane Greene. Other founders included Edouard Bugnion, Ellen Wang, and Scott Devine. The time of appearance of the software firm was in 1989. The location of its headquarters is in Palo Alto, California.

Meaning and History

VMware Logo History

Rosenblum and Greene were originally graduate students at the University of California at Berkeley. They had already developed their software, which formed the basis of the technology. Bugnion also joined the team. The co-founder helped improve the virtual products and served as technical director and chief architect. In 2005 he left VMware and created Nuova Systems, which became part of Cisco.

The year 1998 was the time of informal appearance of the company since it had been working in silent mode for almost 12 months without revealing anything. And only in 1999 a new player in the digital market was presented at the international conference DEMO. At that time, the company already had 20 employees. It offered the software VMware GSX for servers with and without hosting two years later. In 2003, it had Virtual SMP, vMotion, and VMware Virtual Center virtualization technologies, and in 2004 it released support for the 64-bit version.

VMware Symbol

But things were problematic inside the company. In 2004, according to the agreement, it was acquired by EMC, which later sold 15 percent of the shares. As a result, the software company had financial difficulties, so the board fired the manager and main co-founder of VMware, Diane Greene. This happened in 2008. A few months later, a leading researcher, Mendel Rosenblum, whose ideas were the basis for the firm’s creation, resigned.

Gradually the entire control of the activity was transferred to the corporation EMC, which later merged with Dell. In 2021, the company once again changed its administrative staff in an attempt to increase profits. Despite the friction and claims to management, it kept its original identity not to lose recognition among consumers. Therefore, there are only two logos in its history.

1999 – 2009

VMware Logo 1999

The logo consists of three squares with rounded corners. They are chaotically superimposed and form in each intersection another geometric figure – squares, triangles, vertical and horizontal rectangles. This indicates the versatility of software products and the property of combining virtual elements into a whole. Lines are soft and smooth. In a similar style are made, inscriptions are located on the right side. They are typed in streamlined and slightly rounded letters in lower-case. The compound word “vmware” is semi-connected; almost all the characters are disconnected and stand at some distance from each other, except for the first two. There is a ligature at the top between “vm,” so it appears as if the characters flow one into the other. Moreover, they are in bold type, while all the following ones are in regular type. The logo’s main color is a soft blue of the mauve spectrum.

2009 – today

VMware Logo

In this period, the logo is used, almost exactly the same as the original version. The difference between them is in the color performance: before it was light, now it is dark. In addition, the designers removed the thin square frame on the left and left only the name of the digital virtualization service.

Font and Colors

VMware Emblem

By removing the three squares that used to be in front of the word “vmware,” the developers combined them into one geometric figure of a similar shape with a dark gray fill. The icon also features the first two letters of the organization’s name. They are designed in the same style as the main inscription.

For its identity, the company of virtual computer technologies chose a soft font without serifs. It resembles Calibri in combination with Bahnschrift as much as possible. The current color version consists of business tones: graphite gray on a white background.

VMware color codes

Dim GrayHex color:#717075
RGB:113 112 117
CMYK:3 4 0 54
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 9 C