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The Broadcom logo conveys confidence, stability, and mathematical precision. The emblem represents a company that enables consumers to utilize all the capabilities of digital technologies safely.

Broadcom: Brand overview

Founded:August 1991
Founder:Henry Nicholas, Henry Samueli
Irvine, California, United States

In 1991, two industry veterans, Henry Samueli and Henry Nicholas, set up Broadcom, bringing an expansive 30-year background in communications integrated circuits. Samueli took on the role of Vice President of R&D, while Nicholas became the firm’s President and CEO. Two years later, the company struck gold by landing a lucrative contract with Scientific-Atlanta, which involved providing chipsets for cable TV boxes.

Broadcom spent the remainder of the 1990s channeling its resources into creating high-speed communication chips, particularly catering to burgeoning internet usage by servicing computer networks and cable modems. The company took a monumental step in 1998 by entering the stock market with its initial public offering priced at $24 per share. In the subsequent years, Broadcom undertook a strategic route to growth by absorbing smaller tech entities, thereby widening its technological capabilities.

As the new millennium unfolded, the company ventured beyond its original focus. It diversified into wireless communications, Bluetooth tech, and specialized networking processors. Broadcom is a dominant force in semiconductors and infrastructure software, boasting revenues exceeding $27 billion as of 2021. Its extensive product range finds applications across various sectors, such as data centers, networking, broadband, wireless communications, and industrial settings, making it a global player in today’s tech landscape.

Meaning and History

Broadcom Logo History

Existing Broadcom logos relate to two entities: Broadcom Corporation and Broadcom Ltd. The firms emerged consecutively, with the former becoming part of the latter and Singapore-based Avago Technologies. The initial Broadcom and its successor operate in adjacent fields, so their emblems include identical symbols. The icons relate to mathematics, data storage, and transmission. A Los Angeles graphic designer, Eliot Hochberg, worked on the modern version of the holding company’s emblem.

What is Broadcom?

This American company specializes in wireless and broadband communications, data storage systems, information security, production of chips, sensors, fiber optic, and analog systems. It owns 17,000 patents in its field and consists of 22 subdivisions. The corporation’s revenue totals $33 billion.

1991 – 2018

Broadcom Logo 1991

At first glance, the manufacturer’s emblem can be mistaken for a medical institution symbol. Yet, indicators pointing to computers and semiconductors become evident upon closer inspection.

The history of the first logo started in 1991 when Henry Samueli, a professor at a Los Angeles university and an electrical engineering specialist, founded Broadcom Corporation in an office near the university with his graduate student.

The startup’s emblem reflected its work in semiconductors, computational technology, and internet connections. A wavy line is situated against the backdrop, with a peak at the center of the composition.

  • The element indicates that the company keeps abreast of modern technologies. Broadcom’s offerings meet consumer needs, which allowed the company to go public just six years after moving out of the “university utility room.”
  • The wave signifies wires and data transmission since Broadcom focused on semiconductors for networking equipment.
  • The line represents the mathematical function sinc – sine cardinal, used in data processing.

The company name is placed atop a wave on a white stripe in uppercase letters, slightly tilted forward to convey dynamism and growth. Since its IPO in 1997, the corporation has acquired competitors actively. Silicon Spice, NewPort Communications, VisionTech, ServerWorks, Herzliya—this is just a short list of acquisitions. This has enabled Broadcom to take and maintain the leading position among Gigabit Ethernet product suppliers. The emblem anticipated rapid growth through its dynamic name.

In the logo’s development, Stacey Nicholas, the wife of the project’s second co-founder, played an active role. She came up with the idea to include a mathematical function in the emblem. Several times, the logo underwent minor changes, yet the sine wave remained constant. This symbol was associated with Broadcom until the year 2018.

2018 – today

Broadcom Logo

In 2016, a merger deal between Broadcom Corporation and Avago Technologies was finalized, creating a giant with a 15 billion-dollar revenue. The merger was named Broadcom Ltd. In 2018, the new player updated its image.

The identity is a product of merging two logos. The early emblem of Avago was stylish and slightly avant-garde, featuring uniquely designed burgundy ‘A’ letters. It emerged for the company after gaining its name and independence from Hewlett-Packard in 2005. The logo emphasizes the company’s cutting-edge technologies and Asian roots.

The Broadcom Ltd emblem incorporated both the name and sine wave of Broadcom Corporation and a burgundy circle, hinting at Avago Technologies.

The small contribution of the acquiring company relates to the difference in market position in the semiconductor industry. Avago is 30% smaller in market capitalization compared to Broadcom and ranks only 15th versus Broadcom’s 9th place. Hence, after the acquisition, the company adopted much of the visual identity of its new partner.

The wave in the logo was placed inside a red circle to indicate the beginning of a new journey. The company respects its past, which has become the foundation of its experience and success, and focuses on current issues.

It’s important to note that the stripe in the logo, reminiscent of an electrocardiogram, acquired extra significance after the companies merged. Avago Technologies has a history closely related to healthcare, providing software and monitoring equipment for laboratories, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, and diagnostic centers.

The circle framing the image showed the completion of past activities and a harmonious transition to a common field of operations—manufacturing digitalization equipment. The white line now symbolizes optical fibers and wireless communication waves. Broadcom manufactures a minimum of one component in 99% of global traffic. Thus, the wave in the graphic element represents communication, the flow of information.

The letters of the name appear more graceful and elegant. They convey a sense of calm, freedom, and readiness for change. The inscription also indicates a strengthening position in adjacent fields. In 2018, Broadcom acquired CA Technologies and Enterprise Security, entering the market for security software for consumers and business entities. The circle in the logo emphasizes the idea of security as one of the company’s focus areas.

Font and Colors

The color red signifies data transmission speed and leading technologies that allow storing large volumes of information on small media. White elements create an effect of novelty. The giant is a leader in the field, actively engaged in development. Every year, the company registers new inventions.

The font of the inscription resembles Novecento Sans Wide DemiBold, with characters as clear as those on a microchip.

Broadcom color codes

Alizarin CrimsonHex color:#e21736
RGB:226 23 54
CMYK:0 90 76 11
Pantone:PMS 185 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C