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Broadcom: Brand overview

Founded: August 1991
Founder: Henry Nicholas, Henry Samueli
Irvine, California, United States
In 1991, two industry veterans, Henry Samueli and Henry Nicholas, set up Broadcom, bringing an expansive 30-year background in communications integrated circuits. Samueli took on the role of Vice President of R&D, while Nicholas became the firm’s President and CEO. Two years later, the company struck gold by landing a lucrative contract with Scientific-Atlanta, which involved providing chipsets for cable TV boxes.

Broadcom spent the remainder of the 1990s channeling its resources into creating high-speed communication chips, particularly catering to burgeoning internet usage by servicing computer networks and cable modems. The company took a monumental step in 1998 by entering the stock market with its initial public offering priced at $24 per share. In the subsequent years, Broadcom undertook a strategic route to growth by absorbing smaller tech entities, thereby widening its technological capabilities.

As the new millennium unfolded, the company ventured beyond its original focus. It diversified into wireless communications, Bluetooth tech, and specialized networking processors. Broadcom is a dominant force in semiconductors and infrastructure software, boasting revenues exceeding $27 billion as of 2021. Its extensive product range finds applications across various sectors, such as data centers, networking, broadband, wireless communications, and industrial settings, making it a global player in today’s tech landscape.

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Broadcom Logo

Broadcom color codes

Alizarin Crimson Hex color: #e21736
RGB: 226 23 54
CMYK: 0 90 76 11
Pantone: PMS 185 C
Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C