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Zoho Mail is an email service created by a company of the same name, which also offers its customer’s office programs for creating text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. The email hosting service is aimed primarily at business owners. The main advantages of the Indian service are the protection of personal data and the availability of tools for communication between clients.

Meaning and History

Zoho Mail Symbol

What is Zoho Mail?

First of all, it is the ability to quickly and successfully send messages. This opportunity arises due to the presence of fault-tolerant servers, the location of which is unknown. To protect the personal data of customers and their letters, Zoho Mail uses end-to-end encryption and the introduction of modern security protocols during message transmission.

The first version of the secure email service logo was introduced in 2014 and has not changed since that time. As such, visual brand awareness is at a high level among users who are the target audience for Zoho Mail.

To date, the presented service is one of the most popular on the web when it comes to secure email. Zoho’s management tried to make the service logo unique but, at the same time, associated with users with the entire line of software created by Zoho. Thus, a potential client who needs email services can also use other services offered by the company.

The Zoho Mail logo consists solely of word writing. There is no emblem or slogan. At the same time, the word Zoho is made in a completely identical style to the company logo. These are four multi-colored cubes of red, green, blue, and yellow. They are slightly turned in different directions at a slight angle. The color for the letters in the word “Zoho” was white. The classic bold sans-serif font with rounded corners makes it easy for the client to read the title. Because the feeling of “jumping cubes” is created, customers get a feeling of friendliness and customer focus on the company’s part.

For the logo to be unique and stand out clearly from the background of the company name, the word “Mail” has been added to the right of the “Zoho” name. At the same time, black letters and a modest sans-serif font contrast with the left side. However, suppose the user initially pays attention to the cubes, not to the letters inside. In that case, the right part is readable, and an understanding what the resource is doing immediately appears. Thanks to the inscription “Mail,” there is a sense of the business orientation of the service, its orientation towards protecting customers.

Sometimes, regardless of the logo, the service uses the emblem. It shows an envelope with an open outline. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is drawn in one line. At the same time, the blue-yellow color palette creates a feeling of freshness and modernity.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Zoho Mail Emblem

The letters in the name “Zoho” are in a classic bold sans-serif font with rounded corners. As well as cubes, all symbols are shown at an angle in relation to the reader. The word “Mail” is closest in writing style to the classic Times New Roman font.

If we talk about the color palette of the name, the company decided to play on the contrast. The bright white letters against the background of multi-colored cubes in the word “Zoho” are significantly different in style from the dark and official black letters in “Mail.” At the same time, in total, this style brings not only positive emotions to potential customers but also makes the brand more recognizable.