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The 24h com vn logo symbolizes 24/7 control over the situation. It reflects the concept of the website that covers the latest news of Vietnam and publishes it continuously. The unusual design of the emblem reflects the creative approach to content selection.

24h com vn: Brand overview

24h com vn is a popular website covering life in Vietnam. It ranks 10th in terms of traffic among locals, with over 75 million visits per month. For 60% of users, the portal is in their saved bookmarks. The 24h com vn logo is also familiar abroad: about 4% of visitors are foreigners, mostly from America.

The website domain was registered in 2018. It covers all major sports, political, and world events, presents entertainment materials about the lives of popular people, currency indices, and information about incidents and crimes. However, special attention is paid to soccer. It is headquartered in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Owner of the Advertising 24H website, founded in 2004. Chairman of the board of directors of Phan Minh Tâm.

Meaning and History

24h com vn Symbol

The emblem of the site is recognizable, compact, and balanced. It is a sign not only of the portal but also of the advertising agency and has not changed since its inception.

The 24h com vn logo consists of an image, supplemented by a large inscription “24h”.

What is 24h com vn?

It is Vietnam’s second most popular news portal, with 20 thematic sections. The site is owned by Advertising Corporation. 95% of the site’s visitors are Vietnamese.

24h com vn is the address of the web page. It can be translated as “24h with Vietnam”. However, the site is called “24h” or “24h news”. The shortest variant is used in the logo.

The number 24 is not only an indicator of the day. The site is organized by an advertising corporation. Among its slogans is the success of each person or company in 24 hours. With the help of such a logo, the site owners wanted to convey that on the Internet, thanks to advertising, you can achieve success in just 24 hours.

The visual image shows that the site is designed for many users, not only those living in Vietnam. But also tourists and residents of other countries. This is evident from the fact that the information on the logo is conveyed in both Vietnamese and English at the same time.

After the number 24, the letter h is added, which for English-speaking readers means an abbreviation of the word “hours.” At the bottom, under the numbers, the word “gio” has been added. This is the Vietnamese version with the same meaning. Another sign of orientation to the English-speaking contingent is the time on the logo clock – 11.05. This is the time difference with America.

Such a move has a certain success – US residents take second place in terms of portal traffic.

An interesting solution was chosen to display the letter “h” – its main leg coincides with the stick of the number 4, which was pulled down for this purpose. In the resulting pocket under the digits, the inscription in Vietnamese: 24 gio was placed. This combination creates harmony in the design and makes the logo compact.

There is a lot of dynamics and pressure in the logo.

  • The hour circle is depicted as a flywheel with blades near the main divisions: 12, 3, 6, 9. It symbolizes the movement, a gust of wind, which turns the wheel of life. Reflecting the most poignant, savory, and interesting events.
  • The big hand left the exact value of 12 and moved on. Information that was relevant an hour ago, in five minutes, can lose its importance and give way to new news. And the portal is always up to date, one step ahead.
  • The uneven contour of the entire inscription with the elongation of the number 4. Life rarely goes in a straight line. It has ups and downs.

The tail of the numeral 2 lengthens and merges with the 4. This combines the 24 into one inscription, showing that it corresponds to one day. Every day, the main page of the site is completely updated.

Font and Colors

24h com vn Emblem

The logo is in green and gray.

  • Green is not the national color of Vietnam. However, it completely echoes the landscapes of the country, where there is a lot of greenery and moss-covered rocks. For the Vietnamese, the color green is a symbol of the femininity of life. Therefore, its appearance in the image of the clock suggests that this object reflects rhythm, and the flow of life keeps pace and covers all important events in the country.
  • Gray is the color of constancy and stability. It demonstrates that all incidents are covered around the clock, without interruption, day after day.

The font used can only be judged by the spelling of the word “gio.” More characters are needed to accurately determine the style of the font. But it resembles Futura Pro Medium. Next to the letter “o,” there is a diacritic mark dictating the pronunciation of the letter, which is characteristic of the Vietnamese alphabet.

24h com vn Logo Color Codes:

  • bright lime green: (#AEEE00)
  • gray: (#8F8F8F)


What does the 24h com vn logo stand for?

24h com vn is a digital news platform based in Vietnam, founded in 2004 and officially licensed in 2018. The site is operated by 24H Online Advertising Joint Stock Company.