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A Perfect Circle’s logo is full of hidden meanings and encourages contemplation—the elements of the emblem hint at the sky, which is associated with dreams and desires. The band members strive for perfection and believe in a strong friendship.

A Perfect Circle: Brand overview

Founded:1999 – 2004, 2010 – present
Founder:Billy Howerdel and Maynard James Keenan
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
A Perfect Circle is a California band playing hard and art rock. Constant members and founders of the band, Maynard Keenan and Billy Howerdel, have twice paused their work (2004, 2013) for other projects and revived the band in 2010 and 2017. The band’s lineup is unstable, as during periods of inactivity, other musicians have left. The band’s peak activity occurred in the first five years when they released Mer de Noms, Emotive, and Thirteenth Step albums.

Meaning and History

A Perfect Circle Logo History

Despite three different lineups and two resurrections after lengthy breaks, the band’s emblem has stayed the same since its foundation. The symbol, conceived during the first creative upswing, was preserved as a symbol of memory. The logo makes new songs, posters, and albums recognizable to the first fans years later. The symbol reflects the idea of unification and tells the story of the band’s formation.

What is A Perfect Circle?

An American rock ensemble that grew out of the friendship and the joint creativity of vocalist Maynard Keenan and guitarist Billy Howerdel, who previously played in two different bands. The band played several concerts with three additional musicians and recorded three studio albums. After that, the musicians’ paths diverged and converged many times, and the lineup changed.

2000 – today

A Perfect Circle Logo

The emblem consists of two halves in the form of crescents, which do not match each other in size, so they do not form a circle when combined.

Billy Howerdel designed the image. The image of the crescents is assigned to the two founders. Billy Howerdel’s band was the “Tool” opening act, where Maynard Keenan sang. Billy was a guitar technician, and Maynard was a popular singer. Hence the difference in the size of the shapes. However, the musicians became friends, and when Keenan heard the songs Howerdel was composing, he wanted to sing them, as shown in the emblem by the attraction of the halves. This is how the common creative space was formed, denoted by a circle between the figures.

Symbols on a dark background convey a certain mystery and sacredness. After all, the circle represents the cycle of life, birth, death, activity, and rest.

According to Billy, each crescent moon hides a perfect circle, but viewers only see the sides of the figures. The idea is taken from the lyrics of the song 3 Libras. The picture of the logo embodies the union of two self-sufficient, creative, and bright personalities. To examine the details and see the fullness of the image, one needs to look closely and reflect.

Across the center of the drawing runs the inscription “A Perfect Circle,” which is crossed out by a single straight line. The band’s name was taken from the song Orestes just before their first performance. The concept of a “perfect circle” is used by musicians to encapsulate the idea of a community of people with whom it is pleasant to work and create. For each other, the partners have become a circle of friends.

The line crossing out the name changes the meaning of the words to their opposites, hinting that nothing in the world is perfect. Despite desires, life introduces its adjustments to events and relationships.

Font and Colors

Red, black, and white create a stark contrast. Black speaks of the dark world, mystery, and hidden events. Red demonstrates creativity and vibrant and memorable songs. The face that artists show to the world. White represents the pursuit of the ideal. The friendship that lasts for centuries. Songs that live in hearts.

The logo font was designed to order. It’s an elegant inscription with serifs. The capital letters do not elevate above the rest; instead, they descend deeper down. This technique creates the impression that the title is strung on a pole and hanging in the air. The inscription supports the idea of flight, which can be read in the dark background of the night sky and red crescents.

A Perfect Circle color codes

Persian RedHex color:#d12d2d
RGB:209 45 45
CMYK:0 78 78 18
Pantone:PMS 485 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C