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The Aerosmith logo, known to all music enthusiasts, appeared in 1989 and symbolized the absence of boundaries, the flight of thought and imagination, and freedom. Over the years, wings have been the main symbol of the musical group and have become the most iconic, recognizable element.

Aerosmith: Brand overview

Founded:1970 – present
Founder:Steven Tyler, Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford
Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Aerosmith is one of the greatest music groups, having soared to the pinnacle of fame almost 40 years ago and still remaining there. Its compositions have had a tremendous influence on the rock music scene of several generations, as it has existed since 1970 – the place of origin being Boston, Massachusetts. The styles it plays in are hard rock, glam rock, blues-rock, and glam metal.

Meaning and History

Aerosmith Logo History

The distinctive sign of the Rockers appeared in the early 1970s when they began to form a unique team. Raymond Tabano, who performed not with everyone but made a huge contribution to the group’s development, is the author of the iconic emblem. At least because he was the first to invent the famous winged logo, which is still relevant today; this version debuted in 1974 on the cover of the album Get Your Wings.

What is Aerosmith?

It’s a now-defunct American group that emerged in 1970. It performed rock music, mainly hard rock, and at the end of its career, was included in the list of the 100 greatest artists of all time.

1973 – 1974

Aerosmith Logo 1973-1974

The original logo bears little resemblance to all subsequent ones. It consists of the original name Aerosmith, where each letter is placed in a separate cell. Black uppercase letters stand out clearly in white holes, outlined by a dark gray irregular line. The main background is yellow; the shape is an elongated rectangle. This version appeared on the musicians’ debut album.

1974 – 1975

Aerosmith Logo 1974-1975

The collection, released in 1974, was adorned with stylized wings with a large letter “A” in the middle. Beneath the oval surrounding it is the name of the rock group.

1975 – 1979

Aerosmith Logo 1975-1979

On the cover of Toys in the Attic, other wings appeared – of strict geometric shapes. They are painted silver and widely spread. On them is the inscription “Aerosmith,” executed in arbitrary cursive.

1979 – 1982

Aerosmith Logo 1979-1982

The emblem placed on the album “Night in the Ruts” reflects its inherent atmosphere. Therefore, it is made gray-dirty, in the form of a drawing on a battered wall – uppercase letters, without serifs, with characteristic paint spots.

1982 – today

Aerosmith Logo 1982-Present

The current version is a little like the previous one: it again clearly shows two spread wings with a circle in the middle. The only addition is a star at the very center. Moreover, the logo used the inscription from 1975. This version first appeared on the cover of the album “Rock in a Hard Place.”

Aerosmith: Interesting Facts

Aerosmith is known as “America’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band” and has a long history of making music and doing cool things.

  1. Starting Out: The band formed in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1970. Its famous members are Steven Tyler (singer), Joe Perry (guitar), Tom Hamilton (bass), Joey Kramer (drums), and Brad Whitford (guitar).
  2. The “Toxic Twins”: Steven Tyler and Joe Perry got this nickname because they often partied in the 70s and 80s. Even though they often disagreed, they still made great music together.
  3. Big Comeback: In the late 80s and early 90s, Aerosmith became popular again. They worked with the rap group Run-DMC on “Walk This Way” and released successful albums like “Permanent Vacation” and “Pump.”
  4. Mixing Rock and Rap: Their song with Run-DMC, “Walk This Way,” mixed rock and hip-hop music, helping Aerosmith get new fans and boost their music career.
  5. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: In 2001, Aerosmith was honored by being put into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, marking them as true rock legends.
  6. Selling Lots of Music: They’ve sold over 150 million albums worldwide, with songs like “Dream On” and “Sweet Emotion” becoming big hits.
  7. Winning Awards: Aerosmith has won four Grammy Awards, among other prizes, and is known for amazing concerts.
  8. Video Game Stars: They were in Revolution X, where players must save the band in a made-up future.
  9. Helping Others: The band also does charity work, like Steven Tyler’s Janie’s Fund, which helps girls who have been abused or neglected.
  10. Still Going Strong: Aerosmith has been around for over 50 years, which shows that they’re still loved by many and continue influencing rock music.

Aerosmith has greatly impacted music and culture, making them true rock icons.

Font and Colors

Aerosmith Emblem

The key symbol of Aerosmith is the winged letter “A” with the stylized name of the group. The ends of the widely spread wings are directed upwards.

Aerosmith Symbol

Each logo variant has its own font. The 1975 and 1982 versions have serifs; the rest are Sans Serif. The main palette is white and black. The first color is associated with confidence, wisdom, and harmony. The second symbolizes elegance, energy, and strength.

Aerosmith color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C


What does the Aerosmith logo mean?

The Aerosmith logo with wings symbolizes freedom, the flight of thought, and boundless imagination. Its key element is the stylized letter A inside the ring – the first letter of the group’s name. It also pays tribute to the symbol of the Flying A gas stations.

What does the name Aerosmith mean?

The name “Aerosmith” was concocted by the future drummer of the group by distorting the inscription on the cover of the book Arrowsmith. The fact is that he loved to play with words and add “aero” everywhere. He was prompted by the album Aerial Ballet, recorded by Harry Nilsson.

Is Aerosmith still together?

No, the rock group Aerosmith has disbanded. The farewell tour took place in 2017.

Who owns the name Aerosmith?

Joey Kramer, the drummer of Aerosmith, came up with the name for his group even before it appeared – in 1968. Then, he was in high school and wrote the word “Aerosmith” everywhere he could, mainly in textbooks.