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The one who created the Alessandro logo was a big dreamer. After all, the feathers in the peacock’s tail symbolize false nails – something that best characterizes the company, which has received several awards for its achievements in nail art. But the bird looks minimalistic, even too boring for a brand whose mission is to give the world brightness and beauty.

Alessandro: Brand overview

Founder:Sylvia Troska
Dusseldorf, Germany
Alessandro is an innovative cosmetic brand from Dusseldorf (Germany). It is founded by Sylvia Troska and offers various gels, varnishes, hand, foot, and nail products. The company has been honored with the Beauty Award three times for its outstanding contribution to the nail art field. The main inspiration behind the logo is the brand’s founder.

Meaning and History

Alessandro Symbol

The logo of the cosmetic brand appeared in 1989 and has never changed since then. Its task is to emphasize innovation, exclusivity, and the unsurpassed quality of the products that the company produces. Moreover, the brand name meets the main requirement of the creator: to be better. This slogan is also artistically played in it.

The emblem shows a peacock image with an open tail and a miniature crown on its head. Below it in two rows is the German company’s full name: at the top – “alessandro,” at the bottom – “International.” The first inscription is clear and legible, executed in wide letters, the second – small.

What is Alessandro?

Alessandro – a German cosmetics company that offers nail care products and owns more than 30,000 nail salons worldwide. It was founded in 1989 by Sylvia Troska. The brand’s headquarters are located in Dusseldorf.

Alessandro: Interesting Facts

Alessandro International is a big name in the beauty world, especially for nail care. It was started by Sylvia Troska in Germany in 1989. She wanted to make nail care better by mixing beauty with treatments.

  1. How It Started: Sylvia Troska opened Alessandro in 1989 with a new idea for nail care that combined making nails look good with taking care of them.
  2. Innovations: They were among the first to introduce new nail products in Europe, like nail polish that lasts longer because it uses UV light. This made getting your nails done quicker, and the results lasted longer.
  3. Worldwide: Alessandro grew from just one place to being in over 50 countries and having more than 30,000 nail salons. It shows how many people around the world like their products.
  4. Many Products: Besides nail polish, they also sell products for caring for hands and feet, tools for nail care, and even classes for people who want to learn how to do nails professionally.
  5. Learning: They know teaching people how to do their nails well is important, so they have their schools for it. They offer many courses, from beginner to advanced.
  6. Caring for the Planet: They try to be good for the environment by making products that don’t harm the earth and using better packaging for the planet.
  7. Awards: Alessandro has won many awards for its products and innovation, which shows that it is good at what it does.
  8. Celebrities Like It: Famous people choose Alessandro for their nails, especially for big events, which attract more interest in their products.
  9. Special Products: They have some unique products, like a special nail polish that lasts as long as gel polish but is as easy to use as regular polish.
  10. Helping Others: Besides making beauty products, they help with different charities and social causes, positively impacting the community.

Alessandro’s story is about starting with a new idea and growing it into a big success by focusing on quality, innovation, and knowing what customers want. They keep setting trends and high standards in the beauty industry.

Font and Colors

Alessandro Emblem

The logo consists of two parts: text (name) and graphic (peacock). The founder chose this particular bird to designate her trademark. It emphasizes the brightness and uniqueness of colors and the exclusivity of the created product because it belongs to decorative. The peacock is depicted with contour – white lines on a dark rectangular background. Its tail consists of thirteen broad feathers, and on its head is a small crown with two teeth. The bird’s paws are depicted in the form of short sticks, on which it stands steadily on an arched line.

The emblem uses two types of typefaces. The upper inscription is in a sleek lowercase type with round letters. The lower part consists of the classic upper case letters. The color of the logo is monochrome and is composed of a combination of black and white.

Alessandro color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C