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Alessandro Logo

Alessandro Logo
Alessandro Logo PNG

Alessandro is an innovative cosmetic brand from Dusseldorf (Germany). It is founded by Sylvia Troska and offers various gels, varnishes, hand, foot, and nail products. The company has been honored with the Beauty Award three times for its outstanding contribution to the nail art field. The main inspiration behind the logo is the brand’s founder.

Meaning and History

Alessandro Symbol

The logo of the cosmetic brand appeared in 1989 and has never changed since then. Its task is to emphasize innovation, exclusivity, and the unsurpassed quality of the products that the company produces. Moreover, the brand name meets the main requirement of the creator: to be better. This slogan is also artistically played in it.

The emblem shows a peacock image with an open tail and a miniature crown on its head. Below it in two rows is the German company’s full name: at the top – “alessandro,” at the bottom – “International.” The first inscription is clear and legible, executed in wide letters, the second – small.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Alessandro Emblem

The logo consists of two parts: text (name) and graphic (peacock). The founder chose this particular bird to designate her trademark. It emphasizes the brightness and uniqueness of colors and the exclusivity of the created product because it belongs to decorative. The peacock is depicted with contour – white lines on a dark rectangular background. Its tail consists of thirteen broad feathers, and on its head is a small crown with two teeth. The bird’s paws are depicted in the form of short sticks, on which it stands steadily on an arched line.

The emblem uses two types of typefaces. The upper inscription is in a sleek lowercase type with round letters. The lower part consists of the classic upper case letters. The color of the logo is monochrome and is composed of a combination of black and white.