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Serious, practical, integral – that’s what catches the eye when you look at the Armstrong logo. It should be because it is associated with the field of construction and engineering, where these qualities are considered paramount. Therefore, the austere style of the logo balances the dynamics hidden in it.

Armstrong: Brand overview

Founder:Thomas M. Armstrong
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States
Armstrong is a leading engineering and construction organization known as Armstrong World Industries. It was founded in 1891 by a descendant of Scotch-Irish immigrants Thomas M. Armstrong, who named the company after himself. Its main activity is the manufacture of wall and ceiling structures for residential and commercial premises and the production of building materials for flooring. The corporation’s structure includes 26 production sites, including nine plants jointly owned with WAVE. The head office is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Meaning and History

Armstrong Symbol

This company started in 1860 with a mini-shop in Pittsburgh, where Thomas M. Armstrong and John D. Glass produced bottle caps. They carved them by hand, leaving their own mark on each to gain wide recognition and attract more customers. This marketing strategy has brought tangible results. Then they began putting written warranty labels on the bags in which the products were shipped. By the beginning of 1890, their company had become the main corks supplier in the world. A year later, it was officially registered.

But gradually, the classic cork materials were replaced by others: they also began to produce caps and corks for bottles. Then the company revised the assortment and switched to the production of heat-insulating cork slabs and bricks. In 1906, the corporation’s founder realized that the future was in linoleum and announced the construction of a new plant on the outskirts of Lancaster in Pennsylvania. Three years later, he put the first samples on the market. Then the entrepreneur mastered the technology of manufacturing fiberboard, ceiling boards, vinyl coatings, ceramic tiles, laminate, etc.

What is Armstrong?

Armstrong is a leading manufacturer of ceiling systems, wall structures, and flooring products. It owns an extensive network of manufacturing sites around the world. They include 26 own enterprises and nine joint factories. The company’s founder is Thomas M. Armstrong, who registered it in 1891. The full name of the corporation is Armstrong World Industries. The abbreviated AWI is also used. The headquarters is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Today AWI is one of the giants in the US market for ceiling, floor, and wall systems. It covers a very large segment of the construction market, offering various products. It has an international network of 26 enterprises and nine shared factories. In 2007 (after several high-profile scandals), Armstrong began to revise its strategic plans. The only thing that remains unchanged is the logo. He is the only one. The strict style of visual identity emphasizes: that this is a serious manufacturer aimed at innovation and leadership.

Font and Colors

Armstrong Emblem

There are no images on the logo – only text. It is divided into two lines. At the top is the brand name, typed in bold type, instilling confidence in the corporation’s capabilities in customers. The letters are in lowercase except the first one: the “A” is capitalized and encircled by the adjacent “r.” Next is the grotesque Armstrong slogan. The graphemes in it are tall and thin so that the maximum attention of customers is concentrated on the first line, where there is less text than in the second.

Two types of typefaces were chosen for the emblem. The first row contains the corporation’s name, which is set in a similar font to Adobe’s Acumin Pro Bold. The only difference between the two is that the letters in the logo are slightly flattened, like in Artica Expanded Bold. The second line is in the Montreal Serial Regular typeface, created by SoftMaker. The colors in the logo are monotonous – a monochrome combination of black and white.

Armstrong color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C