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Astroworld Logo
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American rapper Travis Scott, born in 1991 under the real name Jacques Bermon Webster II, managed to record four studio albums by 2021. The third one is called AstroWorld. It was released in 2018 and has become famous as one of the best-selling music compilations of the year. In the first week alone, fans sold over half a million copies.

Meaning and History

Logo Astroworld

Travis Scott wanted to release the AstroWorld album so long ago that he announced it in the Vine app, which had ceased to exist by the time of release. The musician did not yet know what songs he would record, but he was sure of the name of the new disc.

The 17-track collection, featuring the singles Wacth and Butterfly Effect, is named after the Six Flags AstroWorld amusement park. These rides were once located in Houston, but in 2005 they were closed and dismantled. The Astro prefix was a tribute to the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, one of Houston’s most memorable astronaut training sites.

The entertainment complex was established in 1968 as an addition to the multipurpose indoor stadium Astrodome. More than one generation of Americans, including Travis Scott himself, managed to ride its roller coasters. The rapper was very sorry that his favorite amusement park was demolished to make way for parking lots and apartment buildings. His songs are dedicated to the musician’s dreams of returning to the attractions because, with them, the joy disappeared from the city.

Astroworld Symbol

But it is worth noting that the performer tried to take advantage of the situation and registered the AstroWorld trademark. The album title now covers everything from souvenirs to marketing campaigns and concerts. In 2018, Travis Scott launched the whole AstroWorld music festival and decided to make it an annual event for Houston. The rapper’s further plans are to arrange a tour with attractions.

The brand has an official logo that looks like stylized lettering. It is used on fan merchandise, including household items, clothing, accessories, and more. It is based on the original Six Flags amusement park symbol used on tickets and signage.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Astroworld Emblem

Some of the letters in the word “ASTROWORLD” are replaced with stylized images. For example, at the place of the first “O” is a globe withdrawn dotted eyes and a smile in the form of an arrow pointing to the left. This unusual element plays on the Astro prefix. The orange smiley face with an arrow symbolizes the dizzying joy of the rides.

The second “O” consists of five concentric green rings. They are in squares with rounded corners and increase as they move away from the center. This pattern seems mesmerizing.

The logo for Travis Scott’s third studio album uses the same font used for the emblem of the amusement park of the same name. The designers chose custom typography based on hand-drawn characters with concave edges and short triangular serifs.

Each letter has a different color: yellow, red, white, blue, purple, green, pale orange, dark pink, and gray. This was done to create an atmosphere of fun rides and to match the style of AstroWorld’s colorful cover art. The title of a music album is most often placed against a dark background for contrast.